10 Brilliantly Funny Hinge Video Prompt Ideas

Time to let your comic genius shine.

10 funny Hinge video prompt ideas for your dating profile.

Although swiping through dating apps can sometimes be a fun way to pass the time or get a quick ego boost from a few cute matches, scrolling through the same profiles filled with ick-worthy selfies or lame bios can get old really quickly. Of course, with the sheer number of people using the apps, it can be difficult to put together an eye-catching profile to really attract the kind of matches you’re looking for. Writing a great Tinder bio or recording a cute Hinge voice prompt can help, but sometimes an extra creativity boost is needed. Now, Hinge’s new video prompt feature makes the opportunity to stand out even easier.

If you’re not yet familiar, video prompts are a way for daters to show more of their personality via 30-second clips recorded on the app. “Recording within the app makes it easy to create fun videos and encourages in-the-moment authenticity,” Hinge’s love and connection expert Moe Ari Brown, LMFT previously told Bustle. With the introduction of this feature, the potential you have to flex your funny bone has increased significantly.

Along with the 13 video prompt options, like “put a finger down if” or “can we talk about”, the 30-second duration of the video allows you plenty of time to give potential matches a glimpse at your awesome personality. Showing off a hilarious skit or reciting a genius reference in your clip can be a way to do just that — here are 10 funny Hinge video prompt ideas to help get your juices flowing.


Quick Story Time


Using the “quick story time” video prompt, try to think of the most mortifying story you can possibly remember — one that will make anyone cringe with second-hand embarrassment. Then, recount it with pizzazz: Draw up a “storyboard” of visuals to go with the story and make it 10 times funnier.

You can also start telling a story based on a well-known movie or TV show plot, but make it sound convincingly original. Then, in the last few seconds of the video, you can say something like, “And that is the plot of [movie/TV show].”


I’m A 10, But...

Rather than go the standard route of self-deprecating humor, play up your confidence and list off your favorite traits about yourself. After going through the (long) list, you can end with “, I guess I’m really an 11.”


Things I Own That Just Make Sense

Take a page from TikTok and use this prompt to show off items in your home or room that really don’t make sense. Whether it be something broken that you’ve been holding on to for no apparent reason or a truly odd object (the “vintage” Easy Bake Oven keeping you in a nostalgia chokehold, anyone?), someone will totally get a kick out of your quirky collections.


Something That’s Special To Me

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Get an easy laugh out of your potential matches by using the “something that’s special to me” prompt to hold up a mirror to them — no, literally. Say “here’s something that’s special to me”, and hold up a mirror to the camera. If they get the joke, an instant “like” is basically guaranteed.


Can We Talk About

If you feel very passionately about a certain subject, pet peeve, or current moment in pop culture, use the 30-second Hinge video prompt to rant away about it. Even if it’s super niche, whatever topic you’re going to pop off about is bound to resonate with someone. After all, you’re certainly not the only one who has recently gone down the rabbit hole of Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing debacle or hates getting stuck behind slow walkers on the sidewalk.


Put A Finger Down If

Put a twist on the TikTok trend and use the “put a finger down if” Hinge video prompt to tell an elaborate, wild, unbelievable story… one that’s so unbelievable it’s actually untrue. Make up a wild tale, tell it as if you’re about to put your finger down to claim it as your own, and then, at the end of the video, simply don’t put your finger down and say something like, “Yeah, me neither!” Comedy gold.


Let Me Teach You How To

The possibilities are endless with the “let me teach you how to” Hinge video prompt, but if you’re looking to make yours hilarious, opt to “teach” your potential matches how to cook an egg, fold a T-Shirt, or write a check — any common sense task that doesn’t need explaining (at least, hopefully not to most grown adults).


Rate My Fit

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Everyone can appreciate a cute, well-thought-out ensemble, but if you want to employ your comic genius in the “rate my fit” video prompt, consider an alternative route. Show off your Halloween costume, an old work uniform, or even your favorite worn-in pajamas you can’t seem to part with.


Cook With Me

Whether you’re a gourmet-level home chef or can barely make a PB&J, you can definitely make the “cook with me” video prompt into a hilarious profile addition. If you have the time and energy, stage a full-on Barefoot Contessa episode in your 30-second video, complete with a ridiculously hammy TV personality and voice.

On the other hand, you could choose to go the simple yet effective route of making something ridiculously easy, like cereal or instant ramen. As long as you add personality to it, you’re sure to be irresistible to swipers.


My Review Of...

The “my review of” prompt also leaves plenty of room for creativity, but rather than choosing a product, person, or even musical album you like, try “reviewing” yourself. You can put together a PowerPoint presentation all about yourself and why someone should date you, and scroll through it in your 30-second video. Watch the matches (and hilarious responses) roll in.


Moe Ari Brown, LMFT, Hinge’s love and connection expert