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19 Mother’s Day Gifts For The Mom Who Says She Doesn’t Want Anything

She’ll definitely want these picks, trust us.

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About Mom Fill in the Love® Journal, ROSÉ CRU by JNSQ, and a bath bomb set by Etsy

Mother's Day is all about celebrating how incredible your mom or any special woman in your life is, and there are some incredible ways to do just so. Usually, a way to show appreciation is to buy her something special on Mother’s Day. However, if your mom is anything like mine, chances are she may say, "Don't spend your money on me," or "I just want to see you, no gift necessary," which can make your job even harder. Don't you worry though, we’ve got your back. There are plenty of things you can gift your mom this Mother's Day, and we’re here to help you out.

It can be a great idea to set aside some quality time with your mom or loved one on this special day in addition to one of the gifts below. If you are unable to spend another year with your mother due to social distancing, not to worry, you can still plan something fabulous via Zoom. And, really, a fantastic gift is only going to add to that experience — even if it's something you have shipped to her place.

If you want to gift your mom something special, even if she says she doesn't want anything, go for it — she deserves it! Now, here are a few gifts she'll love almost as much as quality time with you.

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A Really Nice Candle

A candle is one of those gifts you can never really go wrong with because your mom is bound to use it at some point. Pick a scent she loves and go from there. Otherland makes a nice selection of scents (Canopy, featured here, is a mix of fig, ivy greens, and mint, so it's perfect for spring), and all of the candles are so nicely designed that they double as room decor.


A Fancy Tea Set

If your mom is a fan of tea, you may want to get her a set that will leave her feeling super fancy every time she prepares a cup. Tea Forte makes lovely tea that tastes great, and this limited-edition Jardin Collection set is nice for Mother's Day. It was created in partnership with the New York Botanical Garden, and the gift box features rare floral prints by Pierre-Joseph Redouté from the NYBG's library. A percentage of sales goes toward NYBG's work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education, so if your mom is a plant lover, she'll appreciate that as well.


A Custom Photo Book

Sometimes it's nice to personalize your gift for your mom as much as you can, and that's where a photo book comes in handy. Artifact Uprising allows you to make beautiful homemade photo books with luxe-looking fabric covers and high-quality prints inside. You can create one for your mom full of pictures of you two or your whole family, and it's something she'll have forever.


A Beautiful Perfume Set

If your mom has a signature fragrance she always wears, then you probably don't want to mess with that. But if she's open to trying new scents, then you may want to get her something like this rollerball perfume set. The company is inspired by the Yoruba tradition of making lotions and oils from natural flora. The perfumes in this set are inspired and named after three goddesses that are special in West African culture.


A Sweet Journal

If your mom is more into sentimental gifts rather than something material, then she'll love this book. Basically, you buy the journal, then you go through it and fill in the blanks to make it personalized and super meaningful. It's the easiest way to tell her how you really feel without having to actually do all the work yourself.



If you’ve been on TikTok anytime in the last month, chances are you’ve seen this trending flower service. Instead of buying them last minute from a booth on the street, order a bouquet from Fresh Sends. These flowers are pretty, and Instagram worthy enough to justify the price tag, promise.


A Great Bottle Of Wine

Give your mom something she'll definitely appreciate: some really good wine. JNSQ makes unique bottles of wine from California vineyards that are elegant and delicious. The rosé pictured is light and touched with flavors of strawberry and accents of bing cherry, making it the perfect spring or summer drink. There are other options if this one doesn't sound like a great fit. Oh, and how cool is the bottle?


A Self-Care Gift Set

Your mom definitely deserves a little pampering now and then. If you can't afford a gift certificate to the spa, get her the next best thing: a box of self-care products. This one from BoxFox includes a cozy pashmina, Herbivore Botanicals bath salts for a soothing night, a Prosecco Rose Voluspa candle, a Pearl sheet mask, a tiramisu chocolate bar, and a nice keepsake box to hold it all.


A Pajama Set

Help mom relax in style with this fashionable and super comfy shirt and trouser set by Karen Mabon, which will allow her to enjoy her special day in comfy elegance. Plus, if your mom works from home, she can totally get away with wearing this to on-camera meetings.


A Speaker

Chances are, mom never really gets a chance to listen to her own music, especially if she has kids in the house. This speaker is made for the shower or bath, so your mom can relax to the sound of her favorite playlist.


A Pretty Bath Bomb Set

If the speaker above interests you, this bath bomb set from Etsy is filled with 12 different aromatherapy bath bombs that'll make your mom's next bath even more relaxing. (And she'll probably take a long time to get through all 12 so you could totally help her out by taking a few off her hands).


Quality Headphones

If your mom likes jogging or just loves getting lost in her music, some really good headphones always make a great gift. And if you want her to be like all the cool moms, you could always splurge on the latest model of AirPods Pro. These Bluetooth headphones are easy to pair and also super comfortable for the ears. Plus, she'll probably appreciate being able to drown out everyone else every once in a while.


Throw Pillows

Help your mom add some color to her living room with these bright yellow throw pillow covers. This is a totally subtle gift that's going to add some flair to your mom's house. And it helps to know every time your mom looks at her couch, she'll think of you.


Throw Blanket

To go with those new throw pillows, consider snagging this throw blanket for your mom. The bright pop of pink and yellow will add a statement to wherever mom decides to put it. Plus, everyone could use an extra blanket, especially this one that is handwoven in India.


A Skincare Set

On Mother’s Day, chances are your momma wants to look and feel her best. This set comes with a replenishing face wash, honeysuckle rose face mist, and a rose gardenia skin nectar to ensure that your mother’s skin will be glowing all day long.


A Hand Mixer

If your mom is a baking fanatic, getting her something that'll help her around the kitchen is a great idea. This 6-speed hand mixer makes for the perfect gift to accommodate all her mixing and baking needs. And if she decides to bake some cupcakes, well, it becomes a gift for both of you.


A Hand Massager

Even if mom says she doesn't want any gifts, it's hard to turn down something as relaxing as a hand massager. We all know mom keeps everything together with her own two hands, so it can be a big help to keep that hand massaged and taken care of. This massager is pretty unique — chances are, this will be a gift she doesn’t even know she needs.


A Digital Picture Frame

It's always a good idea to take the sentimental route when it comes to Mother's Day gifts — even if your mom really didn't want anything. This digital picture frame can make for a great gift, especially if you fill it up with adorable snapshots of you and your mom. From baby pictures to recent photos, you can give your mom a slideshow of your favorite memories together all in one gift.


A White Noise Machine

If your mom is a white-noise person, then she'll love this white noise machine. From different nature sounds to soothing fan noises, this machine is just the thing to help your mom get a night of better sleep at night. The next time she wakes up refreshed and happy, she'll have you to thank.

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