3 Things To Do During August's Full Moon — And 3 Things To Avoid

"This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year."

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It's Leo season, so we're all about the drama right now — and the August 2020 full moon is sure to deliver it. This month's lunar high point takes place on Monday, August 3, and it will be lighting up the skies through the lens of the airy and progressive sign of Aquarius. This is the first non-eclipse since we left eclipse season summer 2020 behind, but that doesn't mean there won't be challenges. There's definitely some planetary drama taking place alongside this month's big luminary, so it's helpful to keep tabs on exactly how to survive the August 2020 full moon without succumbing to the cosmic chaos.

"This is one of the most powerful full moons of the year, but it can act in ways that are random and volatile," astrologer Leslie Hale of tells Bustle. "It's important to keep calm and approach things in an intelligent and grounded manner." Because the full moon is taking place in Aquarius, a fixed air sign, we'll find that our emotional focus shifts toward issues facing the collective — this includes everything spanning from our social circles or groups of housemates to our teams at work or communities on the whole. If there's discord or tension building within any of your circles, expect for that to become crystal clear under the light of this lunation.

And because Uranus, rebellious planet of unpredictability, is the cosmic wildcard of this full moon's vibe, it will form a tense square aspect to the full moon, which can create all sorts of unforeseeable circumstances, revelations, and changes of heart. "For those who thrive on change, this [moon's energy] can seem electric," Hale says. If we felt like we knew exactly what the next steps in our plans were, we may have to think again after this moon has its way with us.

Now that you know what the planets are throwing your way, here are some must-know do's and don'ts of the August 2020 full moon that'll help make navigating this cosmic moment a little smoother.

DO: Be Flexible & Willing To Adjust Your Plans


Expect the unexpected under this luminary — but trust that the changes taking place will be for the best, if you're willing to make some gentle adjustments as you go. "Change could seem to come out of the blue, with little advance notice — or these changes could appear sudden to others, but actually [be] the product of gradually-evolving tensions that have become too burdensome to continue with," Hale says. Perhaps part of you could already see these shifts coming, but be willing to assess your refreshed full moon surroundings before moving forward and adjust your plans as needed.

DON'T: Shy Away From Tough Conversations

Communication planet Mercury will be squaring off with rule-abiding Saturn alongside August's full moon, which could put a depressing damper on communication in general and push us into thinking negatively. That said, prepare for mildly unpleasant conversations that you may not feel like having — but don't avoid saying what needs to be said. Growing pains are a good thing, so talk things out and be constructive with your words and thoughts, even if they're difficult to say or accept.

DO: Make Compromises If You're Having Work Or Friend Drama

Because of the Aquarian focus on communities and friend groups, we'll all feel tensions building up in our social lives or among colleagues that could come to boiling point under the full moon's energy. As tempting as it is to try to get your way, embrace the energy of compromise and cooperation right now. Work to bring this emotional climax to a happy conclusion by focusing on the collective good and being willing to make some sacrifices to make things better for the group — in the end, that'll behoove you, too.

DON'T: Sacrifice Your Freedom


Making compromises to help your social squad or work clique thrive is one thing — but staying in a situation that prevents you from exploring the more unique sides of yourself is quite another. Uranus' influence on this luminary is highlighting our need to feel free, so examine any situations in your life that are putting you in a box and not giving you space to spread your wings and fly. "If you have been in an oppressive relationship or some other situation that has not been working, now may be the time to break free and find a different path," Hale says. You deserve freedom, so allow this moon's energy to inspire you to not settle for less.

DO: Give Your Friends Some Extra Love

With the full moon in socially-minded Aquarius, we'll likely feel extra energized when it comes to connecting with others, so push yourself to reach out to friends and make time for socializing. Whether it's planning a Zoom gathering with your besties across the country, or just having a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one, leaning into your social support network will strengthen your bonds and help ground you through the full moon changes.

DON'T: Lose Hope In The Future

With the Mercury/Saturn square bombarding us with negative news and depressing conversations, we could find it easy to get pessimistic about things — but it's important to stay positive and look toward the future. Make sure every tough conversation brings you closer to the person you're talking to and allow the Aquarius moon's energy to remind you that you're not alone, and your sacrifices are worth it. Each and every one of us is an important part of the ecosystem of humanity, so remember to shine your light bright and stay optimistic about building a better future.