Your Valentine's Day 2023 Tarot Reading

Surprising lessons await.

Your Valentine's Day 2023 tarot reading

Valentine’s Day is a great time to check in on yourself. How do you feel about yourself? What role does love play in your life? Tarot can help you explore these ideas. A tarot spread is a set number of cards that you pull in response to a question or intention, with each card position giving context for what the card will tell you. You can do tarot spreads for nearly any question or occasion (I do them every month). For this Valentine’s Day 2023 tarot reading, I set an intention of receiving love advice. Take the guidance that resonates with you and leave the rest.

If You’re In Love...

Card 1: How can you understand your relationship better?

The World: This card is an invitation to reflect on how far you and your partner have come, both as individuals and together. It’s time to get excited about your goals for the future. Dream big; the world is your oyster. Are your ideas in alignment? Have you clearly communicated with each other? It’s important not to limit yourself or each other out of fear of change. This is a time of expansion and forward movement.

Card 2: What do you need to pay attention to?

The 9 of Swords: This card asks you to consider any fears you have around your relationship (or love in general). Take an honest and compassionate look at habits or patterns that no longer serve you. Don’t look away from any difficult parts of your relationship, or your beliefs about yourself. These are old wounds coming up to be healed. You are responsible for your own healing, but you are also part of a relationship dynamic. Pay attention to ways you and your partner might trigger each other, and be clear about your emotions and needs. Listen when your partner expresses feelings, too. If your partner is shutting you out or ignoring issues, this is important information for you. You might want to make some changes.

Card 3: What will best support your growth?

The 5 of Wands: This card is about the necessity of (some) conflict. It’s a natural part of any healthy relationship, though it needs to be navigated respectfully. Practice patience, compassion, and deep listening. Notice if clashes tend to spiral out of control, or end with one person being dismissed or gaslit. If you and your partner use conflict as an opportunity to understand each other better, the partnership can grow even stronger. Sometimes, disagreements inspire positive change.

If You’re Seeking A Relationship...

Card 1: What have you learned from being single?

The 6 of Swords: This is a card of journeys, both literal and figurative. This suggests that you have shed old, unhelpful relationship patterns, or that you’ve learned to focus on your own dreams instead of adjusting to accommodate someone else’s. You might still be discovering where this journey is going to take you, but you can move forward with freedom and power.

Card 2: What should your next relationship feel like?

The 8 of Swords: This card is about feeling stuck when you’re not truly stuck. You have options, but you might not know or accept them yet. If it seems like there’s no good match for you out there, don’t settle or give up. Seek out people who encourage and inspire you, and keep moving until you find them. Look for those who lovingly challenge you to grow and go after the kind of life you want. Hold out for a connection that feels like a breath of fresh air.

Card 3: How can you move toward a relationship?

The Queen of Pentacles: This is a card of comfort and empowerment. If you feel like you’re not meeting the right people, take some practical steps to put yourself out there: Go to events, parties, and activities that genuinely interest you and introduce yourself to new people. Follow your instincts when you meet people who are kind and solid. If you have your eye on someone, and the connection feels mutually warm and genuine, this is a nudge to make plans with them. The Queen of Pentacles is practical and concrete, but also prioritizes pleasure, so pick an entertaining date spot like an arcade or museum.

If You’re Focused On Singlehood...

Card 1: How can you prioritize yourself?

The 6 of Pentacles: This is the card of charity. It teaches you that generosity brings abundance. Treat yourself with non-judgmental compassion, especially when you’re going through a tough time or working toward a challenging goal. Consider volunteering in your community, helping friends and family, or donating to causes you care about. Your strength will be restored if you approach yourself and others with kindness. Focus on cultivating joy in your life, and lift up others as you succeed.

Card 2: What needs to be healed?

Justice: This card is a lesson in accountability. It might be time for you to address any lingering injustices in your life, whether you’ve been treated unfairly or you’ve been unfair to others. Don’t be hard on yourself about how you feel, what you’ve been through, or what you’ve done. You need and deserve softness as well as honesty. Consider exploring your past relationships with a therapist or trusted love one, and work toward finding healthy solutions.

Card 3: What will help you move on?

The Queen of Swords: This card gives you permission to be independent. Pave your own path, but know you can always ask for help if needed. Cut ties with people who are no longer right for you. Don’t let nostalgia or guilt keep you stuck in the past; it’s time to charge forward. This card is also an invitation to tap into your most authentic self. Being true to yourself is the greatest gift. The right people will respect you for it. The Queen’s strong suits are logic, reason, and learning, so this is a time for you to use and celebrate those traits in yourself. See where that takes you.

How To Apply These Lessons On Valentine’s Day 2023

Ultimately, whatever your situation, this Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to lovingly check in with yourself. Accept what you find unconditionally, and be honest about where you would like to go from here. Carve out a little time for yourself around this holiday to do something sweet for yourself. Share love with others, and do your best to express yourself with truth and kindness.