Always Stressed About Money? Your Zodiac Sign Might Explain Why

They overthink their purchases for better or for worse.

The zodiac sign that's always stressed about money
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Worrying about your finances to some degree is considered the norm, especially with the high inflation and unemployment rates prevalent today. Some studies even show that money is the biggest source of stress in relationships. There’s a lot of pressure to meet financial milestones, acquire certain material objects, or earn a certain amount of money — and even the pressure of simply having to meet basic financial needs like bills, rent, and food can be stressful for many people. Your zodiac sign could play a role in how you feel about money, though of course factors like life experience and more can be a factor as well.

When it comes to astrology, signs born under the element of the earth might relate most to the feeling of money worries. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are known to be the most materially oriented and money-driven signs of the zodiac, so they may be more preoccupied with their financial situation than people born under the fire, air, or water elements. Security is important to practical-minded earth signs, so they tend to keep tabs on their bank accounts and scrutinize their spending.

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Luxury-loving Tauruses like to reward themselves for their hard work by being a bit indulgent, while responsible Capricorns tend to be good at saving money because they’re strict with their cash — but Virgos tend to fall somewhere in between. While they’re very pragmatic, they are also the only earth sign ruled by the intellectual planet Mercury — so they tend to be more cerebral and analytical about their financial situation than their elemental counterparts which can lead to worries and overthinking.

If you were born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, you might find you get a little anxious when checking up on your bank account or spending your hard-earned cash. Here are a few reasons Virgos are the one sign that always seems stressed about money.

They Tend To Overthink Things

Virgos are governed by the mental planet Mercury, which rules over matters of logistics and thinking. Mercury’s cosmic influence makes Virgos so detail-oriented, observant, and analytical. While these are all very positive qualities, on a bad day, they could result in overthinking — leading Virgos to spend too much time spiraling over situations that aren’t worth a second thought.

Being organized about your financial plan is great, but going down obsessive spirals of “what ifs” can make things unnecessarily stressful. Accepting that some things are beyond your control while also taking charge of the things in your control are good practices to help a Virgo stop overthinking about their cash flow.

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They’re Super Hard On Themselves

Virgos are known for having a critical eye, but their harshest critiques are usually directed at themselves. When saving or spending, Virgos tend to be especially hard on themselves about their choices and are always seeking to improve their financial habits. These earth signs are perfectionists, so they can sometimes spend too much time focusing on their faults. I

t’s great to strive for self-improvement and be conscious of your weak spots when it comes to money, but some Virgos may stress themselves out by being their own toughest critic. Virgos need to give themselves grace for any money mistakes they make and be proud of themselves when they successfully meet any financial goals.

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Their Priority Is Service, Not Stacking Cash

Virgos are one of the most altruistic signs of the zodiac, and they inherently want to be of service to other people in as many ways as they can. This is one of their most admirable qualities, but it could also lead them toward career paths that aren’t necessarily known for being very high-paying. Non-profit organizations, teaching gigs, or other service-oriented positions allow for their patient, flexible, and giving natures to shine — but could also result in them having to budget and watch their spending a little more than they might have to if they were in another field. Most Virgos are responsible and thrifty enough to make ends meet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not stressing about their next paycheck or unforeseen expenses.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.