Sorry, These 3 Zodiac Signs Probably Won’t Get A Raise This Year

Blame it on Saturn.

Zodiac signs who won't get a raise in 2024
kyonntra/E+/Getty Images

There are lots of prosperous astrological events happening in 2024, many of which have the potential to usher in significant financial boons and career upgrades, depending on your birth chart. But for some zodiac signs, these auspicious opportunities and blessings might manifest in other areas of their lives, so they won’t necessarily result in a bigger paycheck.

Knowing which zodiac signs will and won’t get a raise in 2024 isn’t cut-and-dried, though. That’s because astrology is complex, and each individual’s birth chart is full of unique planetary placements and alignments. So everyone — even those who share a sun sign — will experience the astrology of 2024 a little bit differently.

That said, there are a few zodiac signs who might feel like they’re struggling to get ahead in the realms of money and career right now, which could make 2024 a less likely year for a major pay raise. This can be attributed to Saturn, the planet of tough love, karmic lessons, and long-term goals. Saturn is known for bringing restrictive but ultimately helpful energy to people’s lives, often presenting roadblocks that push them to develop a stronger sense of discipline and take on greater responsibilities. (This is why people’s Saturn returns can be such challenging but growth-oriented periods of time.)

Currently, the three air signs of the zodiac have Saturn transiting the parts of their charts related to money, work, and career, which could result in some roadblocks or frustrations when it comes to catching a break in these areas. If you happen to be one of the zodiac signs less likely to get a raise this year, don’t fret — because these growing pains are going to yield some serious abundance next year instead.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Geminis are experiencing a major glow-up right now, as lucky planet Jupiter is entering their sign on May 25 and will be there through the rest of the year. While this transit will help the cosmic twins attract abundance and good fortune in many different ways, they may have to work through some hurdles before they can reap the benefits in their professional lives. Restrictive Saturn spends all of 2024 in Gemini’s career sector, which could bring about some roadblocks or setbacks in their work trajectory. They might feel some impostor syndrome and have to work through some baggage around stepping up as an authority.

That said, the lessons Geminis are learning this year bring them more confidence and clarity about the mark they want to make on the world through their work — so by 2025, they might find that their careers are becoming more successful and abundant than ever.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Being productive and working effectively might feel extra challenging for Libras this year, so going the extra mile to earn a big raise could be an overwhelming task. That’s because tough-love Saturn has parked its stern presence in their chart’s house of work, routines, and responsibilities for the entirety of 2024. This marks a period of upheaval when managing their tasks and finding a proper work-life balance. These air signs are learning important lessons about how to take care of business, but it’s not necessarily easy.

However, once this transit passes, Libras will likely feel much more on top of their workload, and be able to structure their schedules in a way that promotes more productivity than ever before. They’re currently breaking all sorts of bad habits that may have been keeping them from making a raise-worthy impact at work, so once they come out the other side, they’ll be ready to slay.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

If money is tight for any Aquarians right now, it might be due to stern Saturn’s presence in their chart’s house of wealth and resources this year. Because of this, they may not be bringing in the amount of income they’re used to and may find it especially challenging to stick to a budget or buff up their bank accounts. With this restrictive planetary influence on their cash flow, this may not be the most lucrative year they’ve had in recent times, but it also doesn’t mean that their financial lives are in peril. It simply indicates that their hard work and effort to boost their wealth may take longer to pay off than it would under some other cosmic circumstances.

On the bright side, by this time next year, Aquarius will likely feel more responsible and in charge of their financial situations than ever before, which will make it much easier to manifest more money and get the raise they know they deserve.