Mercury Retrograde Will Be Stress-Free For These Zodiac Signs On V-Day

This backspin isn't going to ruin your romance.

4 Zodiac Signs Mercury Retrograde & Valentine's Day 2021 Will Affect The Least
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Sound the cosmic alarms, because Mercury retrograde winter 2021 is officially happening, and it will rage on through Feb. 20. That means we can look forward to facing all the usual Mercury retrograde frustrations come Valentine's Day. Think misunderstandings, text typos, scheduling issues, tech mishaps, and general confusion. Fun. While these mix-ups could definitely impact our relationships and put a damper on any romantic plans, it doesn't have to be a total buzzkill. And if you're one of the zodiac signs least affected by Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day 2021, then you'll have an easier time skirting around any drama.

This year's first Mercury retrograde period kicked off on Jan. 30 in the air sign Aquarius, which rules over things like friendship, unconventional ideas, and future technology. That said, we should all look out for Valentine's Day drama within our friend groups, as it'll be easy for relationship statuses to get confused or for miscommunications to break out. This placement also asks us to be extra cautious about communicating via technology. A missed calendar notification or personal text sent to the wrong person could ruin an otherwise romantic evening.

This pesky backspin has the power to mess with everything from conversations with our crush to date nights with our partners. However, there are a few lucky zodiac signs Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day 2021 will affect least — and for them, it'll be easier to carry on as usual when it comes to love.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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The bad news about this Mercury retrograde, Aries? It's hitting the friendship and community sector of your chart, which could lead to frustrating drama amongst your colleagues and lots of gossip within your crew. The good news, though, is that your love life will likely be spared from most of the backspin's blunders. While annoying work rumors or misunderstandings between friends could be a downer on your mood, you can give your mind a break by leaning into a romantic Valentine's Day vibe. Have some sweet bonding time with your partner or spend time getting to know a new crush. Just make sure to leave your friends out of it for now so that your relationship doesn't get sucked into the drama factory, too.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Your ideal Valentine's Day plans would likely include a romantic getaway with partner to experience new things together, right Gemini? Unfortunately, retrogrades (and especially pandemic retrogrades) aren't a great time for traveling, so you might be left feeling stuck in a boring routine. Counteract the claustrophobic vibes by creating some fresh romantic experiences at home this Valentine's Day. Order fancy take-out from a restaurant you've never tried. Single? Start up a conversation with someone from a faraway place or a different walk of life. While flings that start now may not last, they could certainly help to open your mind to new perspectives.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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Mercury is retrograding through the home and family sector of your chart this Valentine's Day, Scorpio — which could put you in your feelings and ask you to revisit past experiences. While this could be an emotional journey for you personally, it shouldn't mess with your love life too much. Keep your Valentine's Day plans intimate, close to home, and super comfortable. Cuddling up at home with your partner to watch movies, cook nourishing food, or take a romantic bubble bath is all you need. If you're single, this is also a lovely time to reconnect with family members or old friends and share some love there, too.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

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This retrograde has been a spiritual journey for you, Pisces, as you've been spending a lot of time feeling lost in your daydreams. But there's no need to break the fantasy spell you've been under just for Valentine's Day. In fact, this dreamy vibe could help open your heart to an even deeper level of connection in your relationship. Allow yourself to share a bit of your spiritual quest with your partner this Valentine's Day by doing a meditation together or performing a love ritual to strengthen your bond. Exploring the mystical side of life with each other can help you skate over some of the logistical dramas that often get brought on by Mercury's backspins.