You'll Want To Use These 5 Crystals For Positive Vibes On Valentine's Day

Beautiful Clear Quartz tower, and fresh pink rose flowers. Bright Quartz crystal, healing crystal be...

Crystal healing is one of my favorite ways to connect with the earth and incorporate a little bit of magic into my personal spiritual practice — but did you know that you can also use crystals for your love life? With Valentine's Day falling in the middle of 2020's first Mercury retroshade period, using the power of crystal healing can be really useful. And you don't have to be a crystal healing expert to take advantage of these stones' purported powers.

Many love-enhancing crystals can be helpful when it comes to attracting an ideal partner and boosting your confidence in dating — or strengthening a relationship that you're already committed to. Bustle spoke with astrologer and crystal expert Nura Rachelle about how to most effectively work with crystals to enhance our love lives. "When it comes to using crystals for love, we need to be clear on our point of attraction — and focusing on love raises our point of attraction to allow for more love to enter our lives," Rachelle says. "Our crystal allies help us by being programmed reminders to focus on the inherent love, truth, and beauty of life ... and thus shift your point of attraction."

Here are a few of my favorite crystals to attract love and romance, whether you're single or in a relationship — followed by some simple tips and rituals you can use to maximize the results.

Rose Quartz For Self-Love & Compassion

Ah, the classic love stone — how could I not begin this list with rose quartz? Any true love affair must first begin with a healed and loving relationship with yourself. Rose quartz energy acts as a beautiful heart-opener and helps cultivate love, forgiveness, and compassion for other people but also for yourself. If you're looking to soften the edges of your heart and work on your self-confidence, grab an easy-to-vibe-with rose quartz and allow it to rain its gentle sweetness down on you.

Moonstone For Sensuality

There's nothing quite like the blissful excitement and passion of the honeymoon stage of a relationship. The gentle and sexy moonstone is ideal for guiding us through these early stages of puppy love — but also for helping us maintain that sensual passion throughout a relationship. If you want to feel extra sexy as you embark on a new relationship or simply want to re-ignite a sensual, emotionally-connected spark between you and your partner, moonstone will be the perfect crystal companion.

Rhodochrosite For Attracting 'The One'

With its deep pink hue and soothing, anxiety-relieving vibes, rhodochrosite can help smooth out your energy so that you're more open to meeting the one. "Rhodochrosite is my absolute favorite crystal to wear when I’m trying to woo a potential mate," says crystal expert Renée Watt. "Something about that stone makes the wearer sparkle and it's meant to aid in attracting soulmates."

Green Aventurine For Good Luck In Love

Green is the color that represents the heart chakra, which is our energetic love center, so it makes sense that a green aventurine would be the stone to bring good energy and a deep, earthy grounding to your love life. Known as the ultimate good-luck stone, green aventurine is beloved for bringing a renewed sense of joy to long-term relationships, or helping people open their hearts to new lovers after heartbreaks.

Rhodonite For Healing Heartbreak

If you're nursing a heartbreak or trying to navigate the dating scene while your romantic wounds still feel fresh, rhodonite — which is a sister stone to rhodochrosite — can be very helpful. This stone is all about balance and harmony, and can help stabilize our emotions around love.

How To Make The Most Of Your Love Crystals

Once you've cleansed your crystals and programmed them with your intentions, wearing or carrying your love crystals with you at all times will be especially helpful if you know you'll be in situations where you need their energetic support. Think hitting the town to get your flirt on, going on a date, or having an important conversation with your partner.

You can also connect with your love crystals by using them in a Valentine's Day ritual (or any other love-related spell). "Bring your crystal literally to your heart center. Let it feel your heart beat. Focus on someone or something you love most, and let the crystal feel that," Rachelle says. "Now every time you look at that crystal, you will be reminded of that love, and that energy will fill you."


You can also create a crystal love grid, similar to the one that Energy Muse provides instructions for on its site. To make the grid, choose a collection of crystals to work with that are uplifting to your love life, and focus on what intentions you have when it comes to love and romance. "The combination of the power of crystals in a geometric pattern greatly strengthens your focused intention to manifest results much quicker," according to Energy Muse's site. You can read step-by-step instructions on creating a crystal love grid here.

No matter what kind of ritual you choose to help you connect with your love crystals, focusing on your own growth and openness is wonderful, but trying to control others with your energy isn't. "When it comes to using crystals to amp up your love life, the best course of action is to carry stones that help bring out your best qualities, rather than trying to impose your will on someone with a love spell or other forms of manipulative magic," Watt says. By focusing your energy on opening up yourself to love and attraction, you'll yield better results than you would if you tried to cast a classic "love spell" on someone else and meddle in their free will. Use your magical love energy responsibly!