Looking For Love? Why 2021 Is Your Year, According To Astrology

You can thank relationship-oriented planets Venus and Mars.

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As an astrologer, I have good news for anyone who's looking for love in 2021, which is that the stars are in our favor. This year delivers some special cosmic moments that'll boost our luck in finding love, up the passion in our relationships, and sprinkle some romantic fairy dust over all of our fantasies. There will be challenges too, but there's lots to look forward to when it comes to the love astrology of 2021.

Firstly, let's introduce some of the major players when it comes to the cosmic love game: Venus and Mars. Sensual Venus is the planet of love, romance, and pleasure, while feisty Mars is the planet of sex, passion, and chasing what we want. These relationship-oriented planets are forming some lucky connections this year that will offer us sparkling opportunities in love — with a high point being when they meet in a relatively rare conjunction aspect this summer. Unlike 2020, during which Venus and Mars had intense retrogrades, both planets will be direct through 2021 (although Venus will start one during the last two weeks of the year). This equates to more forward-flowing energy and less drama in our romantic lives.

It's also important to note that Uranus, planet of surprises and sudden change, is making a ton of standout aspects to almost all the planets throughout 2021, which will affect our love lives, too. Uranus brings about unpredictable shifts and shakes up the status quo — so don't be shocked if by the end of the year, you end up with an exciting romance. The major Uranus transits could also shake up your "rules" in relationships and open you up to more unconventional situations in love.

Unfortunately, we'll have to deal with Mercury retrograde on Valentine's Day 2021, which could mix up some signals and cause miscommunications for all the lovebirds who are celebrating — but things should improve from there. Let's look at what the upcoming seasons bring when it comes to romance in 2021, according to astrology.

Spring Flings

Springtime is known for bringing new beginnings — and that's definitely the case for our love lives this year, too. That's because on March 26, love planet Venus cozies up to the glitzy sun to form a super special aspect known as the Venus Star Point. This alignment brings magic, romance, and the thrill of a pleasurable new beginning in love, making it a great time for new relationships to blossom. This aspect also helps us to see our dreamiest desires more clearly, allowing us to get confident about what we want in love.

More excitement in love arrives on April 22, when Venus aligns with unpredictable Uranus in sensual Taurus — bringing all sorts of unexpected surprises in matters of the heart. This could suddenly shake up our romantic values, spin our relationships in a totally new direction, or even bring a special someone into our lives out of the blue. Anything is possible during this period, so go with the romantic flow.

Summer Of Love Vibes

There are a couple super romantic transits taking place during summer 2021 that'll up the potential for steamy summer flings — and could help catalyze relationships that long outlast the season, too. Firstly, Jupiter, planet of growth and good luck, is dipping into dreamy water sign Pisces from May 13 through July 28, which brings a shiny sense of optimism. Expect to feel more romantic and poetic during this period, and more willing to explore the depths of your feelings. It's a good time to start an emotionally-involved and spiritually-aligned relationship, and it bodes well for singles who are looking for love.

Even more major is the conjunction of relationship planets Venus and Mars that takes place on July 13 in fiery Leo. These two planets only meet in the zodiac once every two years, and the passion-filled alignment kicks off a new cycle when it comes to relationships, sexual expression, and creativity. We're getting bolder and more confident in the way we chase after what we want, and more expressive about what brings us pleasure. Prepare for passion and flying sparks.

The summer's hot energy peaks during the Venus/Mars conjunction, but we'll still be dripping in sexy vibes from June 27 through July 21, as the two planets travel through glamorous Leo side by side.

Fall & Winter: Retrogrades Of The Heart

You already know about Mercury is retrograde on Valentine's Day this year — but from Sept. 27 to Oct. 18, Mercury will retrograde in Libra, the sign of partnerships. This could cause all sorts of missed connections in love. The good news? We can use this slowdown to strengthen our communication skills within relationships and smooth out any beneath-the-surface drama that we've been pushing aside. It's a good time to consider a partner's point of view and be more diplomatic about handling conflict.

While Mercury retrogrades are annoying, we'll thankfully enjoy a year that's nearly free of any love-planet-related retrogrades — which means energy in our love life and sex life will be flowing forward, allowing us to access romance and passion unhindered. However, that's going to change come Dec. 19, when Venus begins its retrograde in pragmatic Capricorn. While this backspin isn't hitting until the last two weeks of 2021, it actually offers us a helpful opportunity to take stock of where we're at in our love lives as we close out the year. If you're linked up, this is a good time to reflect on what's working — and not working — in your relationship. If you're single, this is an important chance to get serious about your romantic values — that way, you'll know exactly the type of love you're trying to manifest as you enter 2022.

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