13 Zoom Games That Are Perfect For Super Bowl Sunday

In case the Big Game isn't enough.

13 Zoom Super Bowl Party Games To Play On Sunday

Are you ready for some football... themed games? After you’ve prepped your snacks and sent out your invite link, all you’ve got left to do is figure out which Super Bowl party games to play on Zoom this coming Sunday. Think of it this way: even if your team loses, you can still walk away with some bragging rights.

While you won't be able to celebrate in person as per usual, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the Super Bowl with friends at a safe distance, a Zoom party being the easiest. And you don’t have to make the day any less dedicated to all things sports. Pick out the perfect Super Bowl party Zoom background. Wear all your athleisure at the same time and say it's for sports! Prepare the most perfect spread of Super Bowl snacks, even if you’re the only one who will get to enjoy them in person. Honestly? A snack spread for one sounds like a win. No one to hog the guacamole or call party fouls for double-dipping.

Whether you’re a football knowledge pro or are just there for the chips, you’ll find something for you on this list of 13 Zoom games to play while you watch the Big Game.


1. Rate The Commercials

For those who are Team Commercials, turn the ad breaks into a game themselves. You can rate the commercials on a self-designated rating system (e.g. Bad Commercial But I'd Still Buy It, Good Commercial But I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead With It) or sites like Studio DIY have downloadable signs you can print before the commercial event of the year.

2. Football Trivia

If you're looking for something to sprinkle throughout the game, trivia is your thing. The lifestyle blog Moms and Munchkins has a bunch of questions about Super Bowls past, as well as printable games like "Match the Mascot."

3. Super Bowl Fill-In-The-Blank

For those who want to watch the game (mostly) distraction-free, a pre-game fill-in-the-blank activity is for you. Our Handcrafted Life has a printable version that has guests guess things like how long it will take Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan to sing the National Anthem, which team will win the coin toss, and whether the first points of the game will be a touchdown, field goal, or safety.

4. Super Bowl Scattergories

You can play a regular game of Scattergories online with your Zoom party or download football-specific cards from Etsy.

5. Football Taboo

You've got options if you want to play Taboo on Zoom. Want to play a standard game online? is for you. Want to make a Super Bowl-centric version? Check out this Google Slides Taboo template. Bonus points if your Taboo buzzer is a referee whistle.

6. Catchphrase

Want a more pared-down version of Taboo? Catchphrase is what you seek. You can use a sports-themed pack from Heads Up!, which is basically just Catchphrase as an app, or check out The Game Gal's general word generator if you want a break from the football.

7. Half-Time Guessing Game

Make guesses about what the half-time show will entail. Will there be any special guests? How many? Who will they be? Which songs will The Weeknd perform? Will he be wearing any bizzaro prosthetics?

8. Super Bowl Bingo

A Super Bowl Party classic! This is as easy as printing off downloadable cards like these commercial-themed cards from Flamingo Toes. Or you can make your own set of BINGO cards with whatever criteria you see fit (e.g. one square says "touchdown!", another says "cried during a commercial").

9. Pictionary should be your go-to for all your Zoom game needs. It's got its own in-site mic and camera so you don't have to worry about screen sharing. If you don't want to use their general version of Pictionary, check out their White Board feature that just gives you space to draw as you please.

10. Figure Drawing

In the mood for something artsy but have Pictionary exhaustion? also has a game called Figure Drawing. To play, you'll make up a couple of categories and have guests enter a word that fits each one. For example, if you have a football category, a guest could suggest the word "helmet." Then, you'll take a photo of yourself on the site and compete to see who can draw the best helmet. This is where all that time spent doodling on your Snapchats will pay off.

11. Super Bowl Squares

This is a version of football pool where you need to know absolutely nothing about football. Essentially, you'll fill in an 11 x 11 grid with the names of your guests, repeating as necessary. The top and side of the grid will be labels with each team and have the numbers 0-9 written down at random — this will make sense in a bit. At the end of each quarter, you'll find the square that corresponds with the current score based on the last digit. So, if the score is Tampa Bay 14, Kansas City 21, you'd find the square at the "coordinates" Tampa Bay 4 and Kansas City 1. That person then gets a prize, a round of applause, or just bragging rights. As the New York Times' more in-depth explainer notes, you want the 0-9 written at random so that people can't cherry-pick numbers more likely to occur like 4 or 7.

12. Super Bowl Drinking Game

The Super Bowl a drinking event in and of itself so why not gamify it even more. Drink when they show a celeb watching the game. Drink if a commercial uses the phrase "new normal" or "unprecedented times." Delish and Fansided each have an extensive list of rules if you need some starting ideas.

13. Whose Instagram Is It?

This requires a bit of prep work, but that prep work is mostly just scrolling through Instagram. Go through your friends’ Instagrams and pick out a handful of photos from each. Crop each photo so any super-identifying imagery is gone. You could zoom way in on someone's nostril or focus on a strange object in the background. Then, present the images as a slide show, with the reveal photo coming after the cropped/zoomed-in version, and have your friends try to figure out whose Instagram it is.

If you want to make it Super Bowl-specific, find a bunch of throwback pics or random and nondescript photos from players’ accounts. At the very least, it's an excuse peruse Instagram if you get bored by the game.