13 Games That'll Liven Up Your Zoom Super Bowl Party

Get those touchdown dances ready.

13 Zoom Super Bowl Party Ideas
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While this may be your first Super Bowl spent socially distanced, it’s probably far from the first virtual party you’ve attended or thrown in the past year. So, if you’re all out of Zoom party ideas, I get it. Every last one of us has some degree of Zoom fatigue, even for those video calls that are supposed to be purely celebratory. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make Super Bowl Sunday feel fun even when spent far away.

First and foremost, set up that Zoom call. Make sure everyone’s got the right link, that your parents remember their login info if they need it, etc. Once that’s out of the way, figure out how you plan to watch the game. Will you be streaming it separately? Sharing screens with the person who still has a cable login? If you’re looking for a way to watch the Super Bowl without cable, you’ll be able to stream the game for free through the CBS Sports App or on You could also forgo watching it live altogether and just collectively keep tabs on Twitter for updates. To each their own Super Bowl.

If you need some inspiration beyond “chips and dip,” here are 13 Zoom Super Bowl party ideas to make your virtual gatherings more fun.


1. Pick Out The Perfect Zoom Background

Don't worry about decorating your entire living room. Just pop one of these Super Bowl Zoom backgrounds up and you'll be good to go.

2. Organize An Alcohol Drop-off

Up your standard Zoom happy hour game by having drinks delivered right to your guests. You can use a service like Drizly or Instacart to drop off your friends' favorite six-packs or give them mixers and garnishes for a fun cocktail.

3. Socially-Distanced “Potluck”

Have everyone make their favorite football game snack and show it off during the game. If your friends' are within driving distance, you could also organize food drop-offs and deliver mini snack spreads right to their doorstep.

4. Make It Thematic

Is Super Bowl a theme in and of itself? Sure but you could also up the ante with a Zoom party theme. Make it a throwback game and have people rep old school jerseys. Have everyone dress as a different The Weeknd song. Say it's a Bridgerton-themed Super Bowl party because you can and you want to.

5. Games, Games, Games

Take a break from the Big Game with some more games. There are plenty of Super Bowl games you can play over Zoom, from football trivia to sports-themed Scattergories to Super Bowl bingo. It turns watching the game into a game itself.

6. Pre-game With Your Favorite Sports Movie

For a low-key tailgate party, host a Zoom watch party and screen your favorite sports movies. And yes, High School Musical counts.

7. Great American Football Bake-off


For football-loving foodies, have a little friendly competition in the kitchen. Set some guidelines beforehand. Maybe your final dish must be football-shaped. Maybe it has to be some sort of baked good. Maybe you need to make the most buckwild charcuterie board. The prize for Best In Show is getting to eat your delicious creation, no sharing. Truly, a win-win.

8. Football 101

Need to brush up on your football facts? This will be very little help because you'll have people prepare PowerPoint presentations based on hyper-specific and strange sports trivia. Share important information like how tall all the players are and who they're currently rumored to be dating. Rank every football team based on whether you think you could beat their mascot in a fight. The more random, the better.

9. Karaoke: Sports Edition

Put on your own half-time show by performing your favorite song that’s even tangentially related to sports. That's How I Beat Shaq by Aaron Carter? A perfect choice. Humming the Sunday Night Football theme? Even better.

10. Touchdown Dance Off

Time to put those TikTok dances you've learned over quarantine to good use. When your team scores, you must perform a brief touchdown dance. It can be as simple as a shoulder shimmy — the only requirement is that you fully commit.

11. Set Some Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink every time a player with a hot mic swears on national TV. Take a drink when a Super Bowl commercial makes a reference to these "unprecedented times." Make up whatever rules you see fit or check out lists from Fansided or Delish for more idea starters.

12. “That’s My Baby!”

Everyone picks a player for whom to be a surrogate parent. Every time they’re shown on the screen you shout, “That’s my baby!” If they do A Very Good Sports Thing, you must sob and say how proud you are to have raised such a fine young man.

13. Commentator Bingo

Before the game starts, have everyone help make a list of phrases you think the commentators will say. Things like "this next play is very important" or "(insert player here) is doing what he does best!" You can use an online bingo card maker to create the cards, text or email them to the group, and have everyone start at kickoff.