All Of The Ridiculous 'Hocus Pocus' Moments You Found Totally Rational As A Kid

by Ashley Rey
Buena Vista Pictures

The weather is getting crisper and the leaves are changing colors and falling off of the trees. So, pull those decorations and spooky movies out of the attic, because Halloween is right around the corner. Speaking of spooky movies, Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic that will certainly get you in the spirit — if you can see past all of its silliness, that is. And in case you want a guide to all of the film's ridiculous moments that you possibly found rational as a kid, there are 10 of them listed below. You know... besides the obvious not-so-real things, like talking cats and flying brooms.

Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, and the legendary Bette Middler, Hocus Pocus is pretty much the only Halloween movie you'd ever need to feast your eyes on. It's lively, jovial, and oozes with enough seasonal cheesiness to resurrect all of one's childhood nostalgia — making the news of a Hocus Pocus remake even more of an excitement.

Although most are considered beloved and seasonal staples, when rewatching most kid-friendly fantasy flicks as an adult, you can expect to run across some moments that just don't quite make sense. And, of course, Hocus Pocus is of no exception.


Thackery Binx destroying the Sanderson sister's magic potion

A mere mortal wouldn't have gotten as far in a battle against three witches.


Max suggesting that his 8-year-old sister go out on a Halloween night by herself

Because that's safe.


The Sanderson house/museum abandoned with all of its artifacts still inside

No museum, controversial or not, would have been left with all of its priceless relics inside.


A kiln... in a high school

It being an extreme "fire hazard" is an understatement.


Mary Sanderson and her flying vacuum

Witches flying on brooms? Sure. But a vacuum? No way.


The Sanderson sisters being a little too open about their yearning for children

It's beyond creepy.


Max and Dani's parents not taking their cries for help seriously

It's Halloween night, and your kid tells you that something's an "emergency" — you don't stay and party. You go on a witch hunt.


The Sanderson sisters mistaking a Salem neighbor for Satan

His red rubber gloves and boxer shorts were a dead giveaway.


Max was the first virgin in 300 years to light the black flame candle

With all of the mischief that teenagers are known for committing on Halloween night, Max being the first virgin to do so is so not believable.


The Sanderson sisters mistaking car lights for actual sunlight

A little bit of red tissue paper over the high beams may have fooled the witches for a moment, but they eventually caught onto Max's schemes.

But no matter how many irrational moments are stored within Hocus Pocus, it's still ranked amongst some of the most classic Halloween films to date.