10 Sexy Advent Calendars You Need This Holiday Season

Now that we're officially in December it means the holiday season has begun. And with the holidays come, of course, gifts. Not just for others, but for yourself too. But because waiting until Christmas Day, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate can sometimes feel like forever, a sexy advent calendar is just the thing to ease you into the big celebrations ahead.

Although originally advent calendars were used to count down the days to Christmas, that's no longer the case. Anyone can enjoy an advent calendar, because everyone can enjoy getting a treat for 12 (sometimes more) days in a row.

While advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes, literally, and can contain anything from chocolates to perfumes to hot sauce to jewelry, the advent calendars you might want to consider getting this year could be sex-related. Sure, sweets and new jewelry can be dazzling, but the gift of orgasms and sexual exploration every night for 12 days in a row is, admittedly, a little bit more exciting. Especially for those of us who don't care for things like chocolate and jewelry.

If you're ready to take the plunge into sexy advent calendars, then let's make that happen for you. Here are 10 great options to get you — and your partner, if you have one — all hot and bothered for the next couple weeks.


Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Days of Sexy Gift Set

When it comes to beautiful sex toys, Bijoux Indiscrets never fails to deliver. They're also the very definition of erotic. From a tickler, to a whip necklace, to a variety of satin restraints, to their iconic Twenty One Vibrating Diamond — which is also a great toy for threesomes, should you find yourself in one this holiday season — their 12 days of sexy gifts is a must for anyone who appreciates their sex goodies to be stunning too.


Lovehoney 12 Nights of Seduction Lingerie Calendar

If you have enough sex toys — if that's even a possibility — and want to try 12 days of something else, Lovehoney has your back. Their 12 Nights of Seduction Lingerie Calendar has a variety of their best-selling lingerie that, although worth $185, you can score for even less than half that. The calendar also has a plus size lingerie calendar option too.


Better Love Adult Advent Calendar

Why have only one treat a day for 12 days, when you can have two? With a variety of goodies, including vibrators, handcuffs, candles, prostate massagers, and more, the Better Love Adult Advent Calendar makes the advent calendar tradition every bit of the extra you need in your life.


Lovehoney Sexploration Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit

Although not marketed as an advent calendar, because Lovehoney's official Sex Toy Advent Calendar is sold out (I know, I know! It's very sad indeed!), we need to make some adjustments in our lives. And, because this toy kit has 12 toys in it, it's the perfect fit. Not matter if you and your partner have a vulva or a penis, there's something in this box for everyone from a butt plug (and we all have a butt), to a penis extender, to nipple clamps, to a bullet vibe — no part of anyone's body is ignored with this box of fun.


Bondara 12 Days Of Kink And BDSM Christmas Advent Calendar

It doesn't matter where you fall on the kinky spectrum, this 12 Days Of Kink And BDSM Christmas Advent Calendar has toys for those who are new to BDSM and those who have been into it for, well, ever. In here, you're going to find lots of restraints, a flogger, blindfolds, sex toys, and even a collar for those days where being dominated is the only thing that will do. It'll only set you back roughly $66.


We-Vibe Discover Box

While the We-Vibe Discover Box may only be 10 days of surprises, considering it contains both We-Vibe and Womanizer products, it's worth being two days short. Like all these advent calendars, each day offers another surprise, but the two toys that are a major selling point for this box of discoveries is the Womanizer Starlet and the special edition We-Vibe Couples Vibrator.


Bondara 12 Days "For Her" Christmas Advent Calendar

Although it's called an advent calendar for "her" since we know gender is a social construct, we're going to call it an advent calendar for people with a vulva. So whether both you and your partner have a vulva, or only one of you has a vulva, this box is a lot of fun. And, because it's from Bondara, it's going to be on the kinky side. Like the other Bondara box, this will be roughly $66.


Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set

You don't have to have loved or even read the Fifty Shades of Grey series to appreciate what you'll find in this 10 Days of Play Gift Set. Sure, it might be short two days from a "proper" advent calendar, but the fact that it's "overloaded" makes it worth it.


Bondara 12 Days "For Him" Christmas Advent Calendar

Again, we're going to nix "him" and say this box of 12 days of goodies is for anyone who has a penis and/or prostate. From cock rings, to penis sleeves, to prostate massagers, this advent calendar will make any penis owner — and their partner — v. happy.


Lovehoney Seventh Heaven Romance Set

While Lovehoney's Seventh Heaven Romance Set is only seven days of treats, considering Lovehoney kills it when it comes to boxed goodies, an exception has to be made and it has to be included. Besides, it's a busy time of year and maybe committing to 12 days is too much for you and your partner. If that's the case, then seven might be the perfect number for you.

With these 10 sexy advent calendars, counting down the days of December have never been so fun!