10 Things Every ‘90s Kid Did On Valentine’s Day

by Megan Grant
20th Century Fox

As adults, we all have our own feelings about Valentine's Day. Some love it, and some hate it — but there was a time when we all adored it, and that was in the '90s. The things every '90s kid did on Valentine's Day were no doubt the best way of celebrating this "greeting card holiday." Back in elementary school, it was taken as seriously as Christmas and Halloween, and that meant delicious treats, games, decorations, movies, and gifts to take home. It was a day we always looked forward to.

I've always loved Valentine's Day, whether partnered or single. It's an excuse to drink wine and eat chocolate and watch romantic movies, which is... basically what I'd be doing anyway. Heck, I'm 28 years old and engaged now, and it still hasn't gotten old. As soon as I noticed Valentine's Day stuff hitting store shelves, I immediately sent a gentle reminder text to my boyfriend, just in case, you know, he forgot.

I have to admit, though — as much as I love a nice glass of pink moscato, a romantic steak dinner, chocolate mousse for dessert, and a bouquet of roses, nothing quite comes close to the things we did to celebrate Valentine's Day in the '90s as kids.


Swapping Ninja Turtle Valentines At School

You were hoping for a Disney Princess Valentine, but Donatello would do in a pinch. At least it wasn't Beavis and Butt-Head. That would have been so uncool.


Eating Way Too Many Conversation Hearts

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every Valentine's Day, these little candy hearts became their own food group. Your teeth hurt by the end of the day, but when you commit, you go big.


And Taking Their Meaning A Little Too Far

You received one from your crush that said "Be mine" and immediately envisioned a house on the lake, two kids, and a golden retriever. That's what your crush meant... right?


Going To Awkward Valentine's Day Dances

You're a phenomenal dancer, but you were so intimidated by your dance partner's frosted tips and Running Man that you totally froze. Awkward.


And Slow Dancing A Foot Apart

But the smell of their CK One was simply intoxicating.


Making A Mixtape For Your Crush

Just in case, you know, the Valentine card, conversation hearts, notes stuffed in their locker, and midnight drive-bys past their house for the last week didn't get the point across.


Going On A "Group Date" Because You Weren't Allowed To Actually Date

Joke's on you, 'rents. We made out in the movie theater anyway.


Watching Your Favorite Romantic Movies And Practicing Kissing

You also memorized the poem from 10 Things I Hate About You just for funsies.


Decorating Everything In Pink And Red Hearts

It looked like Valentine's Day threw up in your classroom, and it was magnificent.


Getting Goodie Bags At The Annual School Party

You got stickers and pencils and little heart erasers and more conversation heart candies, and oh boy, it was so exciting.