10 Trans Activists To Follow On Twitter

by Mia Mercado
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility. The day was established in 2010 by a trans advocacy group in Michigan. In the years since, it has become a global celebration of the accomplishments of trans people, and a chance to give the trans population the recognition they more than deserve. While there are many ways to observe the day, one way to start is by following these trans activists on Twitter, if you aren't already.

Now more than ever, it’s important for everyone to show up for trans rights. From the Trump administration’s attacks on the rights of transgender students to the removal of LGBT questions on the 2020 Census to the recent rise in murder rate of transgender people, the livelihood, visibility, and basic human rights of people who are transgender are being threatened. If you believe in equal human rights for all, Transgender Day of Visibility is a great time to show that support.

Trans Day of Visibility celebrates the trans community, focusing on empowerment and education. Where is the celebration taking place? Everywhere! One way you can participate is by showing your support on social media. Take part using #TransResistance across social media. It’s also a good excuse to go on a following spree of people who tweet about trans rights all year long.

Here are 10 trans activists to follow on Twitter in celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility.


Mara Keisling

Mara Keisling founded the National Center for Transgender Equality, the leading social justice advocacy organization for transgender people in the US. Keisling currently serves as the organization’s executive director and has helped pass transgender-inclusive federal legislation including the revision allowing individuals to change their gender marker on their passport. Follow her @MaraKeisling.


Sarah McBride

Sarah McBride is currently the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. She spoke at the 2016 DNC, becoming the first person who is transgender to do so at a major party convention. She also helped get trans protections passed in Delaware at the age of 22. If you’re looking for a daily dose of life goal inspiration, follow her @SarahEMcBride.


Raquel Willis

Raquel Willis is a writer and activist, working to elevate and inspire marginalized communities. She’s currently the Communications Associate for Transgender Law Center. Her tweets will make you wonder why all updates on legislation don’t automatically come with a gif from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Follow her @RaquelWillis_.


Riley J. Dennis

Riley J. Dennis uses her YouTube channel to educate people on issues relevant to feminism and politics. Watching her videos, like this one on how dating “preferences” can be discriminatory, are like if your gender studies professor was also your cool sister. Subscribe to her YouTube page here and also follow her on Twitter @RileyJDennis.


Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird makes YouTube videos about social justice and identity. He also answers questions like “Will Shawarma Waffle?” Jackson tackles issues like why he doesn’t like the word identity with the same charisma as things like what happens when you put bowtie pasta in a waffle maker. Follow him @JackIsNotABird.


Laverne Cox

You probably know Laverne Cox from her role on Orange is the New Black. Or from pictures of her being plastered all over your vision board. If you aren’t already following her on Twitter, do you even have a Twitter at all? Her thread on male privilege and trans women is required reading. Follow her @LaverneCox.


Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque makes YouTube videos that tackle race, gender, and pop culture. Her recent video Trans Women are Women addresses cissexist notions of transwomen not experiencing gender oppression. Her Twitter account speaks to similar topics, just in 140 characters or less. Follow her @Kat_Blaque.


Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is a YouTube beauty guru extraordinaire. The documentary This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous that follows her through life before, during, and after transition, debuted at this past Sundance Film Festival. Follow her on Twitter @TheGigiGorgeous.


Janet Mock

Janet Mock is an activist, best-selling author, and the first trans woman of color to host a talk show on TV (So POPular! on MSNBC). You can always count on her Twitter feed for insightful political commentary. Follow her @JanetMock.


Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings is a reality star, has been interviewed by Barbara Walters, and even has her own Jazz Jennings doll. Also, she’s only 16. If that isn’t reason enough to follow her, Jazz is also the honorary co-founder of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation, an organization supporting trans youth. Follow her @JazzJennings_.