11 Party Ideas That Are Anti-Valentine’s Day For When You Just Can’t With Romance

With Feb. 14 around the corner, it’s almost time to boycott one of the most dreaded holidays: Valentine’s Day. I mean, let’s face it — the day is notorious for placing pressure on both singles and couples and alike. Not cool, right? If you can’t help but nod in agreement, something tells me that you’ll love this list of ideas for an anti-Valentine’s Day party. After all, if you’re going to avoid a holiday, you might as well have fun doing it.

An anti-Valentine’s Day party can include many types of people, too. It’s perfect for bitter cynics who just can’t with dating, love, and romance. It’s also ideal for folks who are happily in a relationship but despise the commercialized vibe of the holiday. (I know I can’t be the only one.) And finally, the event can double as a Galentine’s Day party, complete with a delicious Galentine’s Day brunch and a toast to the glorious Leslie Knope. Regardless of your anti-Valentine’s Day style, you can be sure that these party ideas will come in handy.

Oh, and if you’re feeling super extra, you can take it up a notch and create a hashtag for the party. This way, your guests can easily share photos of the wonderfully cynical celebration. Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

1. Send Anti-Valentine's Day Cards

Anti-Valentine's Day Card, $5, SweetPotatoShop/Etsy

The first step, of course, is to send out the invitations. Instead of turning to Facebook or text messages, opt for a hilarious anti-Valentine's Day card like this one by Sweet Potato Shop. The card can even double as a piece of artwork, too.

2. Make A Playlist Of Songs About Being Single And Loving It

No party is complete without a solid playlist. For an anti-Valentine's Day party, choose tunes like "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé and "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner. Basically, if it fits the vibe, add it to the anti-Valentine's Day playlist.

3. Set Up A Photo Booth

Anti-Valentine's Day Photo Booth Props, $5, HatAcrobat/Etsy

Contrary to popular belief, photo booth props aren't limited to weddings and other cheerful events. You can set up an anti-Valentine's Day version with these printable props by Hat Acrobat.

4. Display "Love Stinks" Balloons

Love Stinks Balloons, $15.99, Party Eight/Etsy

We've all seen those super trendy letter and number balloons on Instagram. And thanks to Party Eight, you can have a "Love Stinks" set for the celebration. You can also buy the individual letters at a party store to spell out other phrases like "Love Sucks" or "Go Away."

5. Swing At An Anti-Valentine's Day Piñata

Anti-Valentine's Day Heart Pinata, $21.76, Amazon

Thanks to this amazing piñata from Amazon, you can let your guests break a heart. What better way to boycott the holiday? Another option is to buy a Valentine's Day piñata from the store and spray paitn it black. Or, you can add letters to spell out "Love Bites" or "Ew."

6. Hang Up Snarky Garlands

Conversation Hearts Banner, $18, modernedge/Etsy

For another way to emphasize the theme, hang up a conversation heart garland with anti-Valentine's Day sayings. You can easily make one with scrapbook paper and markers. Not the crafty type? Visit Modern Edge on Etsy to buy one.

7. Make Sassy Craft Projects

UGH Floral Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern, $4.02, Etsy

Keep your guests entertained with an anti-love craft project. This pattern, for example, is perfect for a night of hating on all things Valentine's Day. You can buy the printable pattern from Thread or Dead Club on Etsy.

8. Use An Anti-Valentine's Day Cake Topper

Cupid is Stupid Cake Topper, $8, CakesGoneWild/Etsy

If you decide to serve a cake, top it off with this anti-Cupid cake topper by Cakes Gone Wild on Etsy. However, don't hesitate to use this on other types of food, like pies or casseroles.

9. Serve Black Cocktails

For a cocktail that's as goth as your heart, you can't go wrong with this shimmery concoction by A Tipsy Giraffe. And while the recipe was originally created for Halloween, it would be perfect for an anti-Valentine's Day bash.

10. Serve (Or Make) Anti-Valentine's Day Cookies

Every celebration deserves sugar cookies, and anti-Valentine's Day party is no exception. One option is to turn the event into a cookie decorating party. Or, you can order a batch of professionally-decorated cookies from Lucy's Sweet Shop. So good.

11. Watch Movies About How Much Love Sucks

Last but not least, boycotting Valentine's Day calls for movies about bitterness, breakups, and everything in between. Popular anti-Valentine's Day movies include 500 Days of Summer and Blue Valentine.