11 Conspiracy Theory Documentaries To Send You Down A Wikipedia Rabbit Hole

Tom Pennington/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Who killed JFK? Did man ever really walk on the moon? Is there a society of lizard people that secretly run the world? If you're an educated, level-headed person, you would likely answer "Lee Harvey Oswald," "yes," and "of course not" to these questions. But for many people, these are legitimate questions that don't have clear answers. These people are conspiracy theorists. And while I would argue that some conspiracy theories are downright dangerous when people believe them, others can be pretty fun to dig into. Thankfully, there are a lot of conspiracy theory documentaries that allow you to do just that.

Conspiracy theories as we know them today really started picking up steam in the 1960s, with two events that are still hotly debated: The JFK assassination and the moon landing. Then there is the idea a government cover-up of alien contact, made popular in the '90s by The X-Files. In more modern times, 9/11 conspiracy theories have become arguably the most popular subject for Internet sleuths, along with the ever popular New World Order and secret society conspiracies that revolve around the Illuminati (hey, Beyoncé!). So check out the list below for documentaries on all these subjects and more, and then spend the next several hours going down an inevitable Wikipedia rabbit hole as you search for the truth.

1'JFK: The Smoking Gun'

CordellJigsaw on YouTube

There are a ton of JFK documentaries out there, but this is probably the most well-made.

2'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon'

Bart Sibrel on YouTube

A surprising number of people think that we never went to the moon, and that the whole thing was shot in a sound studio. Scientists will say that's bunk, but what do you think?

3'The Hidden Hand'

Gravitas Ventures on YouTube

This doc puts forth the idea that the government is covering up contact with aliens, and actually features a number of credible interview subjects.

4'Room 237'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Some people think director Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing, while others think his film The Shining is one giant conspiracy full of secret messages.

5'Missing 411'

Canam Missing Project on YouTube

Author David Paulides' work in chronicling the mysterious disappearances in the U.S. National Parks system is without peer, and this film — due out later this year — will finally translate his work to screen and try to answer the question: What is really happening to these people?

6'Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy'

Discovery Channel

Nazis, and Hitler especially, really did have a weird obsession with the occult, but how deep did it go?

7'Loose Change 9/11'

The Orchard Movies on YouTube

Probably the most famous 9/11 conspiracy doc out there, and there are a lot of them.


COWSPIRACY: the sustainability secret on YouTube

Are cows secretly out to destroy the world? No, but the cattle industry may be.


Lefteris Zacharides on YouTube

One of the most popular conspiracy theory docs that spawned two sequels, this one covers a lot of ground: Religion, 9/11, government plots... it's all here!

10'Conspiracy Of Silence'

Ralph on YouTube

Political pedophile sex rings are popular fodder for conspiracy theorists (just look at the recent "Pizzagate" nonsense), and this "lost" documentary about such scandals was, according to legend, banned from the Discovery Channel.

11'The Secret Rulers Of The World'

johngerardverney on YouTube

This far-reaching five part Channel 4 series is basically Conspiracy Theory 101, and features installments on such subjects as Reptilians, the Bilderberg Group, and Bohemian Grove; which is an actual annual gathering of political elites in the woods of Northern California where they do lots of bizarre cult-like activities. Seriously, Google Bohemian Grove. It's so weird.