Easter Egg Decorating Ideas For Adults

Kaley Ann

If you celebrate Easter, there is a good chance that you grew up dyeing eggs with food coloring. These days, you are probably looking for Easter egg decorating ideas for adults. This classic Easter tradition is not just for kids, after all. To top it off, using creative techniques will make way for some seriously beautiful eggs.

But wait, what is wrong with using food coloring? Nothing, of course. It is an inexpensive way to create awesome Easter décor. Plus, using this method is a great starting point for making homemade holiday projects. There is a reason why decorating kits exist. However, now that you are a real life adult, it is time to upgrade your egg game.

Once you decorate a batch of eggs, place them in a bowl or vase for an instant centerpiece. You can also use them in an actual Easter egg hunt. If you do not want to use real eggs, use fake ones. Many craft stores sell wood, plastic, and ceramic versions. This way, you can hold on to your lovely little creations until next season.

Decorating Easter eggs also doubles as a fun party activity. Do not forget to serve the delicious spring cocktails, too. Before you know it, you will be winning at this whole adulting thing.


DIY Burger Easter Eggs

OK, these burger eggs by Studio DIY are so brilliant. They're also surprisingly easy, so you won't need fancy supplies or skills.


Dyed Eggs With Spices

Pressed for time? Make homemade egg dye with foods and spices from your own kitchen. It's super easy and cheap. Find the DIY at eHow.


Sailor Jerry Tattoo Eggs

Nothing says "cool" like a batch of tattooed Sailor Jerry eggs. And with some help from printable temporary tattoo paper, you can make some for yourself. Learn how at Wild Amor.


DIY Lisa Frank Easter Eggs

Every 90s baby is now an adult. How insane is that? For a trip down memory lane, make these retro Lisa Frank eggs by Studio DIY.


Swirled Eggs

Give food coloring another chance by mixing it with shaving cream. And thanks to this clever technique by eHow, you can really take things up a notch.


DIY Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Nothing is more gram-worthy than this project by Studio DIY. It'll double as an awesome party activity, especially if you serve ice cream, too.


Doughnut Easter Eggs

If you love bright colors and sweet treats, you'll adore these doughnut eggs by Kara's Party Ideas. The pastel shades are perfect for spring, but feel free to use your favorite color palette.


Feather Easter Eggs

If you're not a fan of painting, make these feather eggs by Darice Crafts. This project also uses wooden eggs, which is a great idea if you want to save them for next year.


Floral Easter Eggs

For full-fledged spring vibes, make these floral eggs by How About Orange. There's even a free printable in the post.


Doodled Farm Fresh Eggs

Often, the simplest ideas are the best. This charming egg project by Kaley Ann is the best example. You'll need nothing more than a white paint pen and a knack for doodling.


Striped Eggs

Again, sweet and simple takes the cake. And with a project like these striped eggs, there are countless color combination possibilities. Find the DIY at Urban Comfort.