11 Red Things To Wear For "A Day Without A Woman"


On Wednesday, March 8, women across the country will partake in "A Day Without A Woman," a general strike organized by the Women's March to demonstrate the importance of women in the workforce and the world. These 11 last minute red items for A Day Without A Woman are a perfect way to support the strike to show solidarity with women around the nation.

The Day Without A Women general strike wasn't without criticism upon its initial inception, with many accurate citing the strike as being non-inclusive. As the strike entails taking a day off work in the middle of the week, being able to do so implies a financial privilege many women do not have. However, the organizers have since released a multitude of ways to support those striking.

One of those ways is to wear red. According to the Women's March Instagram, red is a color of solidarity as it symbolizes love, action, and energy. Plus, red is the color associated with the labor movement, making it perfect for the A Day Without A Woman strike.

If you want to wear red in solidarity with women around the country, these 11 simple items will be easy to find.

1. Red Sunnies

ASOS Oversized Aviator Sunglasses In Matt Red With Red Lens, $19, ASOS

If you're headed out to a protest for A Day Without A Woman, these sunnies — or any pair of red sunnies — would be perfect.

2. Red Scarf

Fashion Scarves Solid Red, $6, Amazon

A red scarf is easy to find and the perfect way to rock red.

3. Red Sweater

Old Navy

Semi-Fitted Plus Size V-Neck Cardi, $33, Old Navy

Snagging a red sweater or cardigan would be an easy way to add some red.

4. Red Shoes

Keds Champion Sneaker, $15, Amazon

You may already have a pair of red shoes. They're super easy to find and a sneaker would be perfect for a protest.

5. Red Tee

Deep V Shirt Tail Tee, $17, Lovesick

A red tee is a staple and can be picked up in so many different stores.

6. Red Skirt

Ponte Pencil Skirt, $39, Torrid

If you're headed to work, a red pencil skirt or other red pant would be great to show support.

7. Red Sweatshirt

Ribbed Dropped-Sleeve Hoodie, $23, Forever21

If you're headed out to protest and it's cool out, a red jacket or sweatshirt would be perfect.

8. Red Hat

Men Ribbed Beanie, $5, Forever21

The irony of wearing a red hat is just too perfect, right?

9. Red Socks

2-Pack Socks, $10, H&M

Rock a pair of red socks and stomp on the patriarchy.

10. Red Neck Scarf

Wallace & Barnes Red Bandana, $15, Jcrew

If you want to add a touch of red to your outfit, wrapping a bandana around your neck is the perfect way to do it.

11. Red Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Triple Tier Drop Earrings, $88, Shopbop

Make a statement with these bold and fabulous ball drop earrings.

No matter what you're doing for A Day Without A Woman, wearing red is the perfect way to show solidarity.