The 11 Most Underrated Lindsay Lohan Movies

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan's career hasn't gone exactly the way many thought it would when she first gained widespread fame as a child star in the late '90s. The now 31-year-old has become known more recently for her, um, less than stellar work, but there's also lots of underrated Lindsay Lohan movies out there. Her reputation may have been tarnished thanks to a plethora of legal and personal problems, which resulted in critically-panned films like The Canyons, Liz & Dick, and I Know Who Killed Me, but when taken as a whole, Lohan's filmography is actually surprisingly solid.

There are a number of films, especially from early in her career, that still hold up as charming works. Lohan has always had loads of talent, but thanks to her emergence as a tabloid mainstay first and an actor second, her films are rarely taken seriously. That's a shame, because the vast majority of Lindsay Lohan's movies deserve a second look. From her young days with Disney to her teen idol peek to even a few hidden gems from later in her career, the following eleven films represent the best of Lindsay Lohan's work — and not a single one of them gets the credit it deserves.


'Mean Girls'

I know what you're thinking: Mean Girls is given plenty of credit as a great movie. Yes, that's true, but I still don't think it gets enough credit for just how great of a movie it is. It's maybe the best high school comedy ever made.


'The Parent Trap'

This Disney flick is what put Lohan on the map, and it is often cited as her second best film after Mean Girls, and with good reason. It's the rare remake that's better than the original.


'Freaky Friday'

Another remake of a classic Disney film, Lohan and co-star Jamie Lee Curtis manage to make the old body swap trope feel fresh.


'Herbie Fully Loaded'

The third of Lohan's trilogy of Disney remakes, this is the worst-reviewed of the bunch, but it's still good clean family fun.


'Get A Clue'

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned DCOM? This one is better than most thanks to its fun mystery plot.


'Chapter 27'

Following her child stardom, Lohan had a brief career as a star of indie dramas, including this tragic biopic about John Lennon's killer.


'A Prairie Home Companion'

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, Lohan truly holds her own alongside Meryl Streep here.



The first serious drama for Lohan, she proves her chops as a grown up actress here.


'Life Size'

Another Disney kids movie with a fantasy-driven plot, the kind of picture Lohan excelled at in her youth.



This exploitation film homage was Lohan's first, and so far only, action film, and she shows off serious range as a gun-wielding nun.


'Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen'

It might seem a little dated now, but this movie is the epitome of those tween-aimed early 2000s Disney movies that just aren't made anymore, and it's guaranteed to put a nostalgic smile on your face.