11 New Year's Eve Date Night Ideas If You Don't Feel Like Going Out


For some people, New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year — a night to let everything go and party harder than all other nights combined. And for others... well, for others, New Year's Eve can be a bit of a nightmare. If you want to stay in on New Year's Eve and avoid all of the hype, you should feel free to embrace that feeling. "Staying in with your partner on NYE is better than going out because you get to have quality time with the one you love,” Nora Dekeyser, a matchmaker at personalized dating and matchmaking service, Three Day Rule, tells Bustle. And there are plenty of ways you can have a great date night this New Year's eve, without going anywhere.

Whether you want to do something romantic just the two of you or have a fun time with a friendly group date, New Year's Eve can be just as much fun in your home as it is going out — and there's significantly less chance that a drunk person will vomit on you. (There's still a chance, but it's significantly less.) But if you're not sure about how to make a New Year's Eve at home special, here are some ideas to have a great night — pajamas optional.

A Board Game Night
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Board games can be a great way to celebrate New Year's and still feel wholesome the next day. "Spend the night in PJs and crack each other up by playing games like Cards Against Humanity or Fibbage," Erika Kaplan, a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, says.

Cook An Elaborate Meal

If you love fine food, eating at home is a great way to enjoy it on a budget. “It is far less expensive to buy great cheeses, a good bottle of wine and some delicious fish or steak than it is to pay for it in a restaurant,” Rhonda Milrad, the founder and chief relationship advisor of Relationup tells Bustle. Splash out for the night, knowing you're still paying less than you would for mediocre restaurant food.

Have A New Sex Position Marathon
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Who says staying in has to be boring? Pick out a few new positions — or toys — and spend the night getting busy. “Not only are you adding some spice to your sex life, but you’re setting up for a night of feeling close and connected,” Milrad says. Try these.

Celebrate Around-The-World Countdowns

Celebrate the global spirit by tracing the countdowns happening every hour around the world. Bring in some traditional drinks from different areas to toast at midnight.

Watch Your Favorite Movies

You don't have to be in the New Year's Eve spirit, you can have a totally great date night that juts involves curling up on the coach — ignoring the world around you.

Come Up With A List Of 2019 Couple Goals
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This time of year is perfect for reflection and goal-setting, so why not take a look back at 2018 and create a list of goals for the next year. A couple's bucket list can be a lot of fun and give you something to look forward to next year.

Invite Friends For A Potluck

If you have other friends who aren't into New Year's Eve antics, have them come over for a group date. If you host a potluck, it'll be less hosting and work for you so you can focus on enjoying the night.

Transform Your Home Into A Staycation

Imagine you're at a luxury hotel by transforming your home for the night. “The perfect New Year’s Eve at home with your partner begins with changing the ambience of your space to something softer, warmer and simultaneously more festive,” Marina Shalman, lead design consultant to dating a relationships consulting firm, Rapport Relationships, tells Bustle. Light candles, get out warm blankets, even put up decorations, then you can celebrate in style.

Get Your Favorite Take-Out
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If you want to enjoy a delicious meal cooked by someone else, you can do that in the comfort of your own home. "Most restaurants will have an early and late seating for a prix-fixe," relationship expert and founder of LoveQuest Coaching, Lisa Concepcion, tells Bustle. "If you call early, they will most likely prepare you anything off the menu. Pick it up around 5 p.m. and you can always heat it up later on."

Have An At-Home Spa Night

"A couples massage at home is a great way to welcome [the New Year]," Eva Carey, national Zeel massage therapist director, tells Bustle. "Not only does a massage boost your mood and ease aches and pains, a couples massage is a great bonding experience." Follow it up with a bath or a just some lounging for the full spa experience.

Make Your Own Speakeasy
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You can still have all of the boozy fun of New Year's Eve at home. Set up a home bar and stock up on different alcohols, mixers, and garnishes. Then take turns with a cocktail recipe book and enjoy.

There's a lot of pressure to go out and live large on New Year's Eve, but if that's not your thing then that's NBD. Go all in for an at-home date that suits your mood — and welcome in 2019 the right way.