These 11 Apps Will Help You Reach Your 2019 Organizational Goals

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A new year is a new opportunity to get your business together. Get your priorities straightened out. And maybe finally become the person who picks up their dry cleaning on time. New years become hectic at a startling speed. But there's an app or 11 to help with that. There are apps for organizing to download before 2019 so you can swiftly and seamlessly immerse yourself in the year ahead.

Once the first of January rolls around it's as if someone pressed a big green 'GO' button after a long holiday season. Everyone has returned to their desks, all at once, and your overflowing inbox can prove it. There's so much to accomplish in the year ahead that the vibe can be more frazzled than 'I-got-this'. Fear not, the pocket sized computers we're attached to all day are also pocket sized personal assistants. At least when you have the right organizational apps downloaded onto them.

Whether you're an iPhone loyalist or an Android enthusiast, there are bundles of apps to help sort through the havoc. Need a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning? An app has your back. Want to hash out a budget and organize your finances? Apps can assist on your journey to fiscal responsibility. No matter what department you need help organizing, there's an app that can get you there.



If you've got files, Dropbox is the app for you. Available on iOS and Android, this is the app that can help send large files. The display is neat so you won't feel frantic trying to find the right presentation to send to a co-worker.



Mint is an app that can help you organize your budget. More than that, it's a tool that can be used to track your bills and receive a reminder when it's time to pay so your credit score can skyrocket in the new year.



Thinking about putting a personal assistant ad up on Craigslist? Don't put yourself through an interview process, just download 24me. The app is an easy to use tool that organizes your life. To-do lists, calendars, appointments, all in one neatly organized place.



If you need to keep track of your stuff — whether you're a business or an individual with an impressive shoe collection — Sortly can help organize your collections. If you're moving in the new year this is the app to download.


Let's say that you lose your keys constantly. There's an app that can keep track of their whereabouts so you don't waste half a day frantically pacing around your living room. Pixie can be downloaded for free on iOS and two fobs connected to bluetooth can be purchased for $50.

The Vault

The Vault/iTunes

Stop writing your passwords down on a piece of paper — or I should say from experience, multiple pieces of stray paper that get lost. The Vault is an app that will organize all your hundreds of passwords for all you hundreds of online accounts and secure them.



We're browsing content on our phones constantly. Have a long commute? You're probably sifting through all the articles ever uploaded online. While the volume of content to read can seem overwhelming, Pocket allows you to save and organize what you want to read so you stay in the know. On your own time.



If you waste precious minutes figuring out what to wear each morning, there's a solution. Cher from Clueless had her wardrobe connected to a PC so she could match plaid blazer to plaid skirt without turning her closet upside down. And now, with Stylebook, you can too. Organize your wardrobe and assign an outfit to each day of the week so you can focus on getting out the door on time.



Perhaps the biggest threat against organization are loose receipts. Unless it's a CVS receipt, which is so long it leaves a trail, you're probably stuffing receipts in odd pockets never to be recovered in time for expenses. That was the way of the past! With Shoeboxed, you can scan and organize receipts before they find their final resting place in some pocket in some pair of jeans.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar/iTunes

Google Calendar. It's a must. Color coding is essential to organization and Google Calendar will make your life easier one color at a time.

MindNode 5


How do we organize thoughts? They're a thing you have in your head, that sometimes you scribble down on paper. MindNode 5 is an app that helps you clarify your thoughts. Write them down and then expand upon them with pictures until a single, broad thought is a full fledged, detailed presentation.