11 Outdated References From 'Sister, Sister'

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You probably agree that the '90s were really great, right? The decade brought so many awesome television series and memories — along with some we'd probably like to forget, of course. But nonetheless, it was a pretty stellar period in history. As proof, I'm recapping some of the totally outdated references from Sister, Sister that will bring you some serious '90s nostalgia.

In my opinion, Sister, Sister was no doubt one of the best series in the mid and late 1990s. And if you were a fan of the show, you know that Tia and Tamera were absolutely hilarious together. If you combine that with the camaraderie of their parents, Lisa and Ray, plus the intrusive antics of their pesky next-door neighbor Roger, you've got magical '90s-era TV.

But as great as it was, there are several aspects of Sister, Sister that would be deemed no longer relevant in this day and age. So if, like me, you were a huge fan of the show, or just the '90s in general, allow me to turn back the hands of time and take you on a journey with this list of things that are no longer considered "a thing."

1. Internet Chatrooms

In a 1997 episode, the twins had a scary encounter with a guy named Verique, who they met in an internet chatroom. While this is still a real and terrifying issue some 20 years later, times have evolved, leading us to a new and improved way of meeting online strangers — social media.

2. Hip-Hop Hating Parents

Lisa and Ray once refused to buy the girls tickets to a concert because they were appalled by the headlining rapper's explicit lyrics. I've got to admit, this one has me literally laughing out loud and shaking my head. For starters, most parents probably listen to hip-hop these days. And seriously, even if they don't, do today's parents actually care what their children listen to anymore? Hold on... I think I may have just turned into my mother.

3. The WB Network

Sister, Sister was broadcast on the WB television network, after initially being canceled by ABC in 1995. The network, which kicked off in January of that same year, would later cease operations in 2006, merging with the UPN network to become what we know today as the CW.

4. Dating Before You Google Someone

During a 1996 episode, Tia and Tamera reunite with one of Tia's old neighborhood friends. However, thing's go left when Tia realizes that he's a little different than she remembers. He begins dating Tamera and takes her to a wild party in a bad neighborhood.

Nowadays, she would've literally Googled every aspect of this "old friend," until he felt "new" once again. Actually, I'd imagine that they would've have never lost touch in the first place — again, thanks to social media.

5. SAT Stressing

The pressure of taking the SATs obviously still exists, but in 1995, the stress of taking the aptitude test was at a whole different level. The entire family was shocked when Tamera got a better score than Tia, despite not properly preparing herself.

But the best part of all this is that today many colleges use the score as just part of the college acceptance process, and now consider several other factors when making the decision to admit applicants.

6. Email Dating

Though this still exists today, "email dating" is not exactly the term that first comes to mind when swiping through potential love interests on Tinder. Back in '95 — yep, Match.com was founded in 1995 — Tamera's father, Ray, decided to give email dating a whirl. And still, all I can hope is that no one has used the term "email dating" ever since.

7. Spring Breaking At Freaknik

During their college years, Tia and Tamera ventured off to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Freaknik, an annual spring break pasttime of college students in the mid '90s. Freaknik was later canceled after festivities began getting out of the city's control in 1999.

8. Hats & Headbands On A Daily Basis

Now, I'm totally aware that '90s fashion is totally trending right now, but no one knew how to rock hair accessories quite like Tia and Tamera back in their Sister, Sister days. Whether a flipped-up hat, an oversized headband, or scrunchies, the twins were always in style.

9. Videotaping

Prior to the development of reality TV, Tia found herself with the task of videotaping her family's daily life for a school project. However, she becomes terribly saddened to learn that her family is just not that interesting.

10. Losing A Job For Requesting Equal Pay

In a 1997 episode, Tia learns that she is not receiving the equal pay at her job, because she's a woman. She gets fired after Tamera, posing as her twin, speaks up to her boss. Although, this issue of equal pay and discrimination is still all too familiar in this current day and age, Tia's firing would, most certainly, be a much bigger issue today than it was at this time.

11. Pay Phones & Pagers

During Season 5 of Sister, Sister, the twins once used a pay phone to page Ray and Lisa after their car broke down in a bad neighborhood. I'd literally pay someone a quarter to show me a physical pay phone — or pager for that matter.

Recapping this list really makes me miss watching Sister, Sister. I'm going to continue to keep my fingers crossed for a reboot in the near future. Until then, I suppose reruns will have to suffice.