11 Over The Knee Boots That Tie In The Back

You might think that shopping for a pair of over the knee boots is a piece of cake, but depending on your preferences, there's rather a lot to consider. If you're searching for a pair of trendy over the knee boots that tie in the back, it's a whole different story.

When you're shopping for any footwear, you'll likely consider a number of things about your new kicks: Where you plan on wearing them, what colors you like, if you want a heel, or how comfortable they are to wear for prolonged periods. When it comes to over the knee boots, you also have to think about how they will fit on your legs. It's all too easy to order a pair of over the knee boots online, or purchase a pair after a quick try-on in the store, only to realize that they simply don't fit. Over the knee boots need to fit snugly over your ankle and knee, while also not feeling so tight that they cut off your circulation.

There's also convenience to think about, too; Do you really want to spend precious minutes perfecting front facing laces every time you wear your boots? A pair of boots that are tricky to actually get into could be relegated to the back of your wardrobe in a jiffy.

So here are an array of over the knee boots that tie in the back, to save you precious time while keeping you on trend.

1. The Classic Black Boots

Steve Madden Women's Gorgeous Boot, $88.49 — $229, Amazon

Classic black boots are given an update in the form of this designer over the knee pair.

2. The Tan Pair

Nature Breeze FE61 Women Snap Cuff Over The Knee Flat Heel Boots, $25.95 — $44.99, Amazon

A well-placed zip in the back will ensure these tan boots are easy to slip in and out of.

3. The Illusory Boots

Lace Up Back Heel Boots, $77, Torrid

Although these wide width and calf boots appear to lace up at the back, there's actually a zip down the inside leg of each boot — I won't tell if you won't! You're sure to save a bunch of time with these clever boots. Plus, depending on how tall you are, they just hit knee length so they're a tad more demure if you don't fancy sky high boots.

4. The Cut-Out Design

Cape Robbin Women's Elnora Peep Toe Lace Tie Boot Black, $30, Amazon

Give your look a contemporary feel with a pair of edgy cut-out boots.

5. The Cool Grey Style

OTK Over The Knee Thigh High Slouchy Boots, $39, Amazon

Folks who love minimalist fashion, but are tiring of their black and white wardrobe, will fall head over heels for these grey boots.

6. The Sumptuous Satin Pair

Laura Satin Peeptoe Over The Knee, $56, boohoo

In the fashion world, there's little more deliciously decadent than a pair of over the knee, purple satin, peeptoe boots. There's a cheeky little zip down the side, but the cute ties at the back will ensure nobody notices.

7. The Forest Green Style

ROF Women's Thigh High Over The Knee Boots, $30, Amazon

Ladies looking to channel their inner woodland elf or forest fairy will think these gorgeous green boots are pretty enchanting.

8. The Delightful Denim Pair

2 Stretch Over Knee Thigh High Block Heel, $60, Amazon

Pants haters of the world will be thrilled to discover these denim over the knee boots that'll help them make all their double denim outfits a reality, without the need for jeans.

9. The Burgundy Flats

Faux Suede Scrunch Knee Boots, $75, Torrid

If you're a femme who despises heeled footwear, you'll be happy to know that flat (or very small heeled) over the knee boots exist — like this beautiful burgundy pair for example.

10. The Vegan Suede Pair

Vegan Suede Thigh High - Koko By J. Adams, $49, Amazon

Herbivores rejoice! You don't need to miss out on the over the knee boot action with this pair of rad boots. They feature a small zip on the side so you don't have to worry about lacing them up each time you flaunt them, plus they're made from eco-friendly, vegan fabric — score!

11. The Electric Blue Boots

Women Chunky Heel Suede Knee High Boots, $28 Amazon

People wanting to make a bold fashion statement can do just that with these quirky, yet seriously cool, electric blue boots.

There's a pair of over the knee boots that tie in the back for every taste. Just find your niche and get strutting your stuff!

Images: Courtesy Brands