11 Questions You May Be Embarrassed To Ask Your Gynecologist, But Shouldn't Be

Going to the gynecologist can feel like a daunting experience, and not everyone feels comfortable discussing issues that feel private and sometimes scary. However, you're probably not the only one wondering about what's going on with your reproductive health, and there a number of questions to ask your gynecologist some may feel are "embarrassing." Thankfully, your doctor is used to these questions, and they don't want you to feel ashamed or afraid to ask about them.

"Let’s face it, many people are reluctant to ask questions that may be deeply private or personal to them," Michael Troy, M.D., an OB/GYN with the Institute for Women’s Health, tells Bustle. "But trust me — there’s probably nothing you can ask your gynecologist that we haven’t heard already. We encourage our patients to work up the courage and have an honest conversation with us. It helps us treat our patients better, it creates a more comprehensive health picture and, most importantly, it allows you to get the answers you’re seeking from a trusted and professional source."

Our bodies are complicated, so don't be ashamed if you tend to have a lot of questions about your health. Here are 11 of the most "embarrassing" questions gynecologists get asked the most, that you don't need to feel embarrassed to ask.