11 Sex-Positive Gifts To Give Yourself This Holiday, Because Don't Forget About You

Penelopijones Jewelry

We’re officially less than a week away from Christmas and the start of Hanukah! Yeah! What does this mean? Well, for most of us, it means running around, checking off everyone on our holiday gift list, and hoping that no matter what we buy, if it’s not immediately loved by the person to whom we gave it, they’ll at least be kind enough to fake it. There’s nothing worse than giving what you think is the perfect gift, then watching the face of the receiver fall completely flat, while they grin and saying thank you, looking away from you so they can roll their eyes. Giving gifts is really stressful!

But the one person whom you know you’ll never disappoint when it comes to giving gifts is yourself. You know exactly what you want, the right fit, the right style, the color in which you look your absolute best and, of course, what sex-positive gifts you won’t just appreciate, but you actually need in your life. The holidays aren’t just about giving, but it’s about receiving, too… and honestly, you deserve to receive just as much as anyone else out there. Especially when it comes to the stuff you really want.

So as you make your way through that holiday gift list these last few days before the holidays, stop and think about what you want. Here are 11 sex-positive gifts to give yourself.

1. For When You Want Destigmatize Masturbation


How is the Crave Vesper necklace sex-positive? Well, it’s a vibrator that you wear as a necklace. So, I’d say that’s pretty sex-positive. Although it’s discreet and only those “in the know” will recognize what it is, it does make a statement saying, "Yes, I masturbate and I'm pretty damn proud of it. Now excuse me while I have a quickie with myself in the bathroom."

Crave Vesper, $69 - $149, Babeland

2. For When You’re Feeling Charitable

Planned Parenthood

Even if you don’t need Planned Parenthood right now, there may be a time in which you will. So donate to PP now and consider this a future sex-positive gift. In the meantime, your financial support will help thousands of others who rely on Planned Parenthood to stay safe and healthy.

Donation, TBD, Planned Parenthood

3. For When You Feel Like Delving Into A Classic Book

Although the Joy of Sex was published before most of us were born (in 1972!), it remains a very sex-positive approach to human sexuality. And, because of this, is something you definitely want in your home library.

Joy of Sex, $18.21, Amazon

4. For When You Want To Own Your Sexuality


I never leave my apartment without condoms. This isn't because I assume I'm going to get laid every time I do, but because being sex-positive means acknowledging your sexuality and being responsibility about it. This condom sampler set will give you the opportunity to try out different condoms and see what you like best.

Condom Sampler, $10, Babeland

5. For When You Want The Holidays To Last All Year


If you really want to give yourself something sex-positive that will keep giving all year round, then Unbound, a sex-positive subscription box is what you need. When you sign up, you get a box of sexy goodies every three months. You can sign up for one quarter, two quarters, or three quarters. Either way, considering what comes in those Unbound Boxes, you're getting way more for your buck than you would if you bought the goodies separately.

Unbound Box Subscription, $65 to $175, Unbound

6. For When You Want To Proudly Display Your Clitoris


When Gloria Steinem rocked the clitoris ring by Penelopijones Jewelry last year, you could almost hear the collective gasp of, "OMG! I want one, too!" Well, if you're looking for a sex-positive gift for yourself, then why not finally buy the Clitoring for yourself?

Clitoring, $122 to $575, Penelopijones Jewelry

7. For When You Need Some Sexual Wellness


Although I definitely have a dash of hippy blood pumping through these veins, there are some things that are a bit too hippy for me — and I used to put sexual wellness tools on that list. But no more. A friend turned me on to Chakrubs hand-crafted, crystal sexual wellness tools, that can either be used for healing, a good ol' fashioned dildo, or even just a gorgeous piece of art you keep on the coffee table. Totally sex-positive and a nice break from other types of sex toys, if you, too, have a bit of hippy blood in your veins, then this is the sex-positive gift you want to give yourself this year.

Indigo, $114, Chakrubs

8. For When You Feel Like You Need Some Education

Passionate U

For those of you who think that maybe you need to take a couple class to pick up a few new techniques, then give yourself the gift of classes that will teach you to do just that. While Passionate U is fairly traditional in what they teach — which is great for some people — if you're looking for something a little more, um, flavorful, Kinky Academy might be a better fit for you. Check out the classes and see what they have to offer.

Sex Classes, varies depending on package, Passionate U

9. For When You Want To Share

Dame Products

Being sex-positive doesn't mean you need to roll solo to do it. In fact, sex is something that's actually worth sharing! In these cases, you want to give yourself the gift of a product that you can use alone AND with your partner. With their product, Eva, Dame Products founders Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine have not just created a sex-positive vibrator, but have made it their mission to close that gender gap right up. I'd say, based on personal experience with Eva, they're well on their way there.

Eva, $105, Dame Products

10. When You Want To Give Your Vagina A Workout


I don't think I'll ever be able to stress just how important Kegel exercises are, but I'll try it again: If you want greater sex, stronger orgasms, better bladder control, and a pelvic floor that's healthy and tough enough to keep your uterus in place well into your 80s and 90s, then you need to exercise your vagina. Although there are many products on the market that will help you exercise your pelvic floor, my favorite is Elvie, the exercise tracker. If you have a competitive streak, it will be your favorite exerciser, too.

Elvie, $199, Elvie

11. When You Really Want To Treat Yourself


Do you really want to celebrate just how gorgeously sex-positive you are with the awesomest of all the awesome gifts? I think you do! That's why you're going to get yourself the Babeland Moregasm Set, lock yourself in your bedroom for three days, and try to break your own personal record of orgasms. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Moregasm Set, $288, Babeland

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, it's important not to forget about yourself and your needs. Does this make you selfish? Hell no. So once you've taken care of everyone else, it's time to take care of you. These sex-positive gifts will totally hit the spot — in more ways than one.