11 Genius Sex Toys That Double As Jewelry

For far too long female sexuality didn't get the attention it deserved. It was assumed — and still is by some — that only men are sexual beings and women just sort of go along with it. In fact, when you look at masturbation rates between men and women or how some women feel about talking about sex-related topics, there's still some shame there. But there's nothing shameful about sex or being sexual.

"While for boys, masturbation is framed to them as natural, unavoidable, and even healthy — girls experience a very different narrative," Polly Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Unbound, a woman's sexual health company, tells Bustle. "Told from the get-go that their sexuality is to be controlled and contained, girls aren't taught about masturbation, so many view it as unnatural or even shameful. They're also rarely taught about their own pleasure when it comes to sex. This means that not only are they unaware about sources of pleasure, they're often too embarrassed or scared to explore them. If we were to teach young girls about their bodies, about pleasure, about the clitoris and about their sexuality (beyond how to defend against male sexuality), I think we might see more equivalent masturbation rates."

So how can you fight against a society that wants to keep female sexuality under lock and key? You can wear your sexuality proudly for all to see. Check out 11 genius sex toys that you can also wear as jewelry.


Simple Silver Handcuff Bangles

Because you never know when you're going to be in the situation where you might want to handcuff someone to the bed or be handcuffed yourself by someone else, Unbound created these super sleek bangles. They're perfect for those who have been into handcuffing for years or those who just decided to edge their way into a little BDSM fun.


Crave Vesper

Probably the first of its kind, at least to go fairly mainstream, The Crave Vesper really took the sex toy scene up several notches with the introduction of this gorgeous necklace. It also makes long work days that much more bearable. Masturbation breaks at work aren't just great for taking the edge off, but sparking creativity, too.


Hotdog Cock Ring Bracelet

Perhaps not the most elegant of jewelry pieces on the list, but it's a cock ring and that's all that matters. As someone who's only able to experience a vaginal orgasm thanks to a cock ring, I'd say this is a very important bracelet to have on your wrist at all times.


Magnifique Whip Necklace

First of all, have you ever seen a more stunning whip in all your life? No. So what does that mean? You've also never seen a more stunning whip necklace in your life either. If you're ready to take your love of spanking to a new level, then you want this whip necklace. And, if you have no desire to use it as a whip, you might still just want it as a must-have piece of jewelry.


Two-Finger Massage Ring

Whether you need to give yourself or your partner a little rub down action, this ring does the job. And don't just think it's only for clitoral stimulation! You can rub this ring along the perineum, use it to tease with some anal play, or, well, use your imagination. Seriously; I'm sure you can find many uses for this awesome ring.


Crave Leather Cuff Bracelet

If you're into handcuff bracelets, but the silver ones above aren't really doing it for you, then Crave's leather version just might fit the bill. Whoever you handcuff with these, isn't going anywhere soon.


Silver Lube Vial Necklace

Lube is a very important part of sex and masturbation. Sure, spit can work as a make-shift fix to a desperate situation, but lube really is the best. With this necklace, as long as you don't forget to refill it, you'll never be without lube again.


Golden Tickler Ring

If you're into any sort of tickle play, you want this ring. It's a great way to get foreplay started by teasing and taunting your partner — or yourself — with these feathers.


Crave Droplet Necklace

When it comes to necklaces that stimulate, Crave doesn't mess around. While this particular necklace was created so it perfectly aligns with your nipples for maximum nipple stimulation, no one is stopping you from taking it off and stimulating other areas, too.


Magnifique Metallic Chain Handcuff Bracelets

Because you can never have too many handcuff bracelet options from which to choose, Bijoux Indiscrets offers these for anyone looking to fill the handcuff bracelet void in their life. A void a lot of us just might have, but won't realize until we fill it.


Wisp Necklace

Although the creator of Wisp, Wan Tseng, calls her product is "wearable intimacy" as opposed to a sex toy, no matter how one wants to define it, it's still a beautiful necklace that can get you off. Sadly, Wisp isn't available just yet, but if you hop over to their website you can sign up to be notified about when you can get your hands on one. Something tells me this piece of wearable intimacy will be worth the wait.

So there you have it: 11 sex toys that double as jewelry all while showing the world that will not put your sexuality on mute.