Everything You Need To Know About Luisa's Journey On 'Jane The Virgin'

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Even though she's a major background player in the drama of Jane the Virgin, Luisa Alver has a habit of flitting in and out of The CW series. But Yara Martinez's character has returned for the final season and so you may need a recap of everything Luisa did on Jane the Virgin. Rose may be in jail, but Rafael's sister is still a major target for Sin Rostro. While Luisa has made plenty of mistakes on the show, she still manages to be sympathetic. She's currently in danger with Sin Rostro's henchperson Bobby, so here's a little refresher on how Luisa ended up where she is.

The main concern viewers have in Season 5 is the fact that Michael is back from the dead and just got his memories back. Luisa hadn't really been in the picture too much. But she's still mixed up with this recent chapter in the love triangle saga of Jane, Rafael, and Michael since it stems from Luisa's former lover and stepmother Rose.

While Rose is a drug lord and murderous sociopath, she has been consistently fixated with being with Luisa. So it was a proud moment at the end of Season 4 when the disgraced doctor and recovering addict Luisa finally seemed to have her life sans Rose figured out. But Rose isn't going to leave Luisa alone. So this Luisa explainer covers all the major events that brought this troubled character to where she is now.

She Accidentally Artificially Inseminated Jane

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Luisa is distraught after finding out her wife is cheating on her in the series premiere. So when Dr. Alver saw Jane at her gynecological appointment the next morning, she was a little flustered (and Jane a little sleepy). Luisa got Jane and Petra's procedures mixed up and inseminated Jane with Rafael's sperm. So while it was a massive mistake, we've got Luisa to thank for setting all the telenovela twists that happen in Jane the Virgin in motion.

Rose Put Her In A Psychiatric Hospital

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Even before viewers knew Rose was Sin Rostro, her villainy was on display. Luisa went on one her patented benders after inseminating Jane. And when she returned to the Marbella, she wanted to tell her father about her affair with Rose. To protect her relationship with Emilio, Rose claimed Luisa had made up the affair and had Luisa admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Just a few episodes later, Rose's true identity was revealed to the audience and she killed Emilio. Rose asked Luisa to run away with her, but Luisa very understandably refused.

She Unknowingly Dated Rose In Disguise

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In Season 2, Rose faked her own death and hid under the cover of Michael's police detective partner Susanna Barnett for most of the season. But no one realized this — not even Luisa, who started dating Susanna and was happily surprised she had found love post-Rose. Yet, in the Season 2 finale, Michael had figured out Susanna wasn't who she said she was. So Rose shot Michael with her Susanna mask on, exposed her true identity to Luisa, and fled with her lover/stepdaughter.

Luisa & Rose Go Under The Sea

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Luisa became Rose's prisoner on a submarine in Season 3. But when Rose promised she wouldn't kill any additional people, Luisa accepted Rose back into her life — she just happened to keep this little fact a secret from the police and Rafael.

She Knowingly Dated Rose In Disguise

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In order to have a relatively functional relationship in public, Luisa and Rose dated while Sin Rostro rocked her Eileen disguise. The Eileen plot point has ended up having major repercussions — not only for Rose since the real Eileen murdered Scott (c'mon, Eileen!), which led to Sin Rostro's arrest, but for Michael too.

She Briefly Teamed Up With Anezka

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Rafael tricked Luisa into giving up Eileen/Rose to the police by pretending he had cancer again. The betrayal had Luisa hurt and Rafael only made it worse when he called her "totally crazy, just like your mother." She kicked Rafael out of the Marbella since Luisa had all the financial control after they discovered they weren't biologically related. Luisa even teamed up with Anezka in an attempt to sell the hotel so she could put money $100 million into Rose's secret escape account in the Cayman Islands. But scheming with Petra's family is never a good idea and Luisa got burnt.

She Checked Herself Into A Psychiatric Hospital

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Petra's sister and mom gaslit Luisa into believing she was suffering hallucinations by seeing an imaginary man named Carl. But Carl really was Anton, who was working for Magda and Anezka. They created the diabolical plan so Anezka could get Luisa's shares of the hotel. While Petra found out and was eventually going to inform Luisa that she hadn't really suffered a mental break, Anezka told Luisa that it had been Petra and Rafael's plan to deceive her with Carl. This led to Petra killing her twin sister in self-defense and to Luisa running away again.

She Took A Much-Needed Break From The Drama

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Petra learned that Luisa checked herself out of Belcrest Institution once she knew Carl wasn't a hallucination in "Chapter 72." But it wasn't until "Chapter 77" that Rafael found his sister again. He went to the Longbourne Inn in search of her since Luisa had purchased the records that could reveal the identity of his birth parents. Thinking Rafael was the one who tricked her, she had destroyed the files in anger and gave all their family money away. But Luisa knew now that Rafael wasn't to blame and had finally achieved some peace. She told Rafael that she broke the spell that Rose had over her — and told Rafael that Rose may hold the key to his parents' identities.

She Met Rose In Jail

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While Rose didn't give Rafael the information about his parents, she did tell him that Michael was still alive. In order to figure out why Rose had faked Michael's death and gave him amnesia, Luisa offered to visit her ex in prison. And despite Rose's best efforts, Luisa was able to resist Sin Rostro.

Luisa is doing her best to stay away from her crime boss lover. But now Rose's minion Bobby knows where Luisa is living, so Sin Rostro isn't done with her number one love just yet. And you can expect that Rose will entangle Luisa into her criminal drama at least once more during the final season. Let's just hope that Luisa stays strong enough to resist Rose's romantic advances and doesn't fall for any of her face-swapping tricks.