11 Stunning Wedding Veils

If you daydreamed about your wedding growing up, you might’ve envisaged yourself wearing a Disney Princess style gown, glass slippers, and a beautiful veil. Of course, if the aforementioned sounds like your wedding nightmare, you need to showcase your personal aesthetic on your big day. Stunning veils for traditional brides may not fit into the wedding mood board in your mind, but they’ve come a long way from the more outdated styles you’ve likely seen in old photos and movies.

You could argue that the veil made its modern day comeback when Kate Middleton wore one with a tiara, along with her wedding dress that featured lace sleeves — the latter being another element of bridal wear that appears to have been popularised by the Duchess of Cambridge. Well, if you’re going to get bridal attire inspo from anyone, it might as well be from the British royal family.

But, where did the veil originate from? According to fellow Bustler JR Thorpe, discussing the bizarre history of wedding traditions, “Roman brides were usually swaddled head to toe in a gigantic flame-coloured veil called the flammeum, to scare off evil spirits.” In addition to this, Thorpe reports that the veil and train prevented brides from running away, which is kind of scary.

Thankfully, veils have sartorially evolved since the Roman times and they can really add that “wow” factor to your bridal ensemble. So if veils are your cup of tea, check out this range of different styles.

1. The Lace Veil

Ninette Veil, $375,

A pretty, lace trimmed veil will lend your wedding dress a feminine vibe.

2. The Veil & Corsage Combo

Asos Wedding Veil & Corsage, $38,

Style your veil your way with a corsage clip that can be worn on the wrist or with your veil.

3. The Romantic Veil

Sweetheart Circle Veil, Approx. $62,

Wear your heart on your veil with this super cute, heart trim style.

4. The Embellished Veil

Sequin And Pearl Veil, $121.98,

A sprinkling of glitz will jazz up a minimalist wedding dress.

5. The Veiled Headband

Asos Wedding Mini Floral Veil Headband, $18.50,

Ladies wanting to switch up their bridal look throughout the day can do so with ease, with the help of this nifty veil headband.

6. The Bow Veil

Bow Wedding Veil, $23.77,

A bow veil makes a subtle, yet sweet, nod towards another decade; making this an ideal choice for vintage inspired brides.

7. The Custom Style

Custom Slogan Circle Veil, Approx. $46,

Could there be anything cooler and more heartfelt than wearing a word or phrase that's dear to you and your sweetheart, as you walk down the aisle? Add up to 12 characters of your choice with this custom veil.

8. The Rainbow Gem Encrusted Birdcage

Rainbow Gem Encrusted Birdcage Veil, Approx. $65,

Alternative brides who want to add a splash of color to their bridal attire will love this gorgeous, rainbow gem encrusted veil.

9. The Traditional Veil

Athena Cathedral Veil, $340,

Gals going down the traditional route may want to consider a cathedral length veil to add a little drama to their dress. This is an especially good choice for brides getting married in extravagant venues.

10. The Celestial Style

Nebula Ombré Embellished Veil, Approx. $220,

Brides who would use "ethereal" to describe the aura of their big day will likely meet their perfect match in this starry, ombré veil.

11. The Black Veil

Black Bridal Veil, $99+,

If you're going down the black tie route or you're planning a non-traditional wedding, a black bridal veil could be your pièce de résistance.

Whatever your bridal style, there's bound to be a veil to suit your personality. Who said veils were old hat?

Images: Courtesy Brands