These 'To All The Boys' Memes Are Almost Too Relatable


If there's one thing that the Netflix adaptation of To All The Boys I've Loved Before taught fans, it's that some dating experiences really are universal. And the 11 best To All The Boys... memes on Twitter definitely prove that. Since the film's premiere on August 17, memes have poured in on Twitter, and even two weeks later there are no signs of it slowing down. The format is simple: It plays on the title of the movie, tacking on a specific dating experience from which the poster learned. The best part is, as increasingly niche or hilarious or uncomfortable as the memes get, it only makes them more relatable.

Everyone on the Internet that's dated a guy has totally encountered one of these dudes before — be it the dorm room poster guy, or the "You have to try It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!" type, or the "If you finally read Watchmen, then you'd know" man. The meme isn't limited to aggravating dating experiences either. As popular internet-isms are wont to do, it's since taken on a life of its own. The To All The Boys I've Loved Before meme can be used for gripes, but also puns, surrealist jokes, and as a generally healthy outlet for all the growing pains that come with learning how to date.

And, after scouring the Internet, here are some of the best To All The Boys... memes from Twitter:

1. This Move That Defies Description

The pre-wedding DM slide is enough to make you think the internet was a mistake.

2. To All The Boys That Had No Idea They Were Addressing A Professional Sports Writer

Sure, you might say you like baseball/other sport/specific band/insert interest here, but can you prove it on some random guy's terms? Snore.

3. Dating Is Hard

Dating anxiety is very real. Hugs to Ashley.

4. Boys, Boys, Boys

Someone had to make this pun. What is it about this song that the internet loves so much?

5. To All The Boys That Thought They Knew More About Springsteen Than You Did & Did Not Enjoy Being Proved Wrong

"Thunder Road" is such a good song, you guys.

6. To All The Boys' Recommendations

If anyone suggests you watch A Clockwork Orange, unsolicited, without describing at least some of the events of the movie ahead of time, just take off running.

7. A Few Took It Upon Themselves To Make 'Milkshake' Puns

No explanation necessary.

8. The Meme Makes The Man

To be fair, if they shared this specific meme, they're probably one of the good ones.

9. Therapy Would Save Everyone A Lot Of Time

Honestly, this is a lesson something everyone has to learn at some point. Especially now. Memes like this one are great, but they don't define you as a person. Unless they're bad memes. Then they do, in fact, define you.

10. To All The Mansplainers

To all the boys who "don't have a question, so much as a comment, but..."

11. Some Memes Just Made People Feel So Gloriously Seen

And, finally, to all the boys @nicoleglennon_ (and everyone else) loved before this meme gave them the self-actualization they needed to move on.

The To All The Boys meme has allowed women to expose their biggest dating pet peeves, while also making light of them. And overall, they've been pretty accurate. Rest assured that no matter who you are, or where you're from, someone else has had the same frustrating, illuminating, delightful, and thoroughly ridiculous dating experience as you.