11 YA Fairy Tale Retellings That Are Way More Relatable Than The Original Stories

By Kerri Jarema

You already know that fairy tale retellings have been a part of storytelling culture for thousands of years. When you think of the genre, you might immediately land on The Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen or even Walt Disney, the keepers of eternal classics like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and so many more. But none of these renditions would necessarily be called forward-thinking by today's standards. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with fawning over your favorite Disney princesses, there are definitely new and exciting takes on these tales.

If you've fallen in love with diverse, queer and feminist fairytale retelling like Bustle's Book Club pick, Ash by Malindo Lo, you're probably in the mood to pick up more of the same. I've got you covered with the 13 books below. Some are brand new 2019 releases, others are recent favorites in the queer retelling sector, while still others feature equally strong and diverse casts of characters, all wrapped up in a retold fairytale world. Whether you're looking for genderbent Robin Hood, queer Prince & the Pauper, or a Latinx version of Snow White, you'll find it and so many more magical stories below: