The Internet Had Feelings About Joy Villa's Dress

by Mary Grace Garis
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Grammy Awards always manage to serve up some excitement (and a little bit of controversy), and we got a whole bunch of that Sunday night before we even left the red carpet. Singer Joy Villa's pro-Donald Trump dress sent social media feeds all over the world into a flurry of anger, laughter, and, most of all, overt confusion. Concerning the confusion, a lot of it was about "Who the hell is Joy Villa?", but very occasionally it sauntered into other realms like "What does she think she's doing?" and "Who is financing this decision?" Bustle has reached out to the singer for comment on her dress, but has yet to receive a response. Luckily, this social media outrage has manifested into quite a few hilarious Joy Villa memes and tweets that you need to see.

I mean, those tweets are here and there, when you can find them. Perhaps the most confusing thing about this experience is that her EP sales have allegedly skyrocketed, no doubt from conservatives lauding her an American hero. If Joy Villa intended this as a publicity stunt — insert side eye here — then it certainly may have worked in her favor. Regardless, I'm more about capitalizing on the jokes of this moment before we forget it even happened entirely.

And so, for those of you who are still scratching your head over this pop culture moment and the quasi-celebrity(...?) that started it all, scroll down for some memes that properly sum up your reactions to the infamous Trump dress.


The First Burst Of Absolute Confusion

With justifiable sartorial critique, once you get up to speed.


The Insta-Reaction Of, "Oh, Honey, No"

Where do we even begin...


Then Wondering Who The Hell She Is

Like, in a literal sense, because you don't know.


Like, On A Global Scale, Wondering Who She Is

Seriously, I'm getting nothing.


Wondering Why She's Killing Her Non-Career

It really makes you think.


Figuring That She's Immune To Cancellation

I mean, that would do it.


When You Have To Respect Her Consistency

That fashion sense is unfailingly regrettable each year.


Although You Can't Help Feeling You've Seen This Elsewhere

Would this be a strike against originality?


You've Definitely Seen This Before

Oof, that's depressing.


I Can't Imagine It Made Interactions Pleasant

Like, I think that's a safe bed.


So, Ultimately, It Was A Bad Decision

It's the fashion faux pas of the century.


And, Ultimately, We Won't Be Thinking About It Tomorrow

But it was fun while it lasted.