12 Things Fans Can Already Expect From The EPIC 10th Season Of ‘RHONY'

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Is it April 4 yet? Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 is right around the corner. As per usual, there is plenty of mystery surrounding the upcoming season. But, from the trailer to the headlines that came out during the filming, there are a lot of things we already know about RHONY tenth season.

The ladies from the Big Apple always bring it. They are so on their game that the cast has the same exact people that it did during Season 9. That's how you know a Real Housewives series is on point: There's no need to bring in a new cast member to "mix things up." They already have the formula for success down pat.

In my opinion, the New York show is the best in the Real Housewives franchise. They go all in when they fight. They have the capacity to genuinely make up and move on. They laugh. They cry. They bless viewers with a well-rounded show year after year, and it looks like next season will be a super entertaining one. There are legal troubles, friendship ups and downs, confusing romances, reconciliations, and that isn't even the half of it.

These women are really coming through for their fans, as per usual. Here is everything viewers can already expect to see when Real Housewives of New York City returns for Season 10.

Luann's Post-Divorce Life

The past two seasons centered around Luann de Lesseps' romance (and short-lived marriage) with Tom D'Agostino. Luann waited until after filming the Season 9 reunion before announcing that their relationship was over, and she nabbed a one-on-one interview special with Andy Cohen to officially close that chapter. Now, Season 10 will mark Luann's return to the single life, but will it still be all about Tom? Chances are that he will still be a hot topic of conversation among the NYC ladies.

Luann's Arrest & Rehab Stint

Without a doubt, Luann's Christmas Eve arrest and subsequent rehab stint will be the talk of the season. The RHONY cameras weren't rolling during the actual incident since production took a break for the holidays, according to People. Nevertheless, viewers will get to see Luann's life up until the arrest and how she deals with the aftermath. It makes sense to envision Season 10 in two distinct chapters: life before Luann's arrest and life after Luann's arrest.

Luann has had the biggest storylines for the past three seasons: Her too soon engagement was the essence of Season 8. Her marriage was the focus of Season 9. Her arrest and comeback are poised to put her at center stage for Season 10.

The Annual Berkshires Trip

The RHONY Berkshires Christmas trip to Dorinda Medley's house has become such a revered tradition that there are plenty of fans who look forward to those episodes more than spending the holidays with their own family. The Berkshires episodes never disappoint. This time around, the ladies get a little extra festive with a murder mystery themed event as shown in the RHONY Season 10 trailer.

Tinsley's On-Again-Off-Again Relationship

Last season, Carole Radziwill hooked Tinsley Mortimer up with her friend Scott Kluth. That blind date turned into serious relationship pretty quickly. Since then, the two have traveled the world, broken up, and now it's unclear where they stand today, let alone throughout Season 10.

In November 2017, Tinsley addressed her split with Scott in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. Tinsley admitted, "We love each other and we’re hoping we can work it out. It’s a day-by-day thing. This just happened." In the Season 10 trailer, Tinsley says, "We have not seen each other for over two months."

Bethenny's Disaster Relief Work

Bethenny Frankel channeled her business prowess to help people affected by natural disasters in Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Florida. According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, Bethenny chartered planes full of necessities and raised money for people in need. She was able to make a significant impact, and hopefully, it put the RHONY drama in perspective for everyone in the cast.

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

There are few things more entertaining than the Housewives arguing while wearing ridiculous costumes. This season, the fans get to see that at least twice: first with Halloween and then with the murder mystery event in the Berkshires for Christmas.

Tension Between Bethenny & Carole

For years the women (and viewers) have given Carole Radziwill flak for her loyal best friendship with Bethenny. She was accused of being her sidekick many times. Now, it looks like there are some cracks in that relationship, because Bethenny admits in the trailer, "I'm not sure Carole is as excited to see me as she used to be." Then they have an RHONJ-esque exchange with Bethenny telling Carole, "Don't call me honey." Did they just go through a rough patch or is their friendship done for good?

Jill Zarin's Return

For years, OG cast member Jill Zarin had been persona non grata among the cast. Nevertheless, the cast all rallied to support Jill when her husband, Bobby Zarin, passed away in January. They attended the funeral (which was reportedly filmed for the show, according to the Daily Mail), and wait for it: Jill and Bethenny actually spoke after years of feuding followed by years of not even talking.

Sonja & Tinsley (Still) Not Getting Along

It's not too shocking that there is some drama between Tinsley and Sonja Morgan during Season 10. After all, the tension was building throughout Season 9 and the finale party was Tinsley's awkward "thank you/f*ck you" party for Sonja. In the trailer Tinsley tells at Sonja, "Shut your mouth. Shut your f*cking legs." That sounds like a lot more than just a little tension. That sounds downright explosive.

Dorinda & Sonja Arguing

It's tough watching two endearing characters go at it, but a Dorinda vs. Sonja match-up always produces some iconic one-liners. In the trailer, Dorinda tells Sonja "Don't you dare compare your f*cking marriage to me burying my husband." So, yeah, the fighting is not at all trivial.

Carole Runs A Marathon

After many seasons of joking about her lack of enthusiasm for exercise, Carole took on the New York City Marathon in 2017 and filmed it for Season 10.

The Cast Vacation In Colombia

The Season 10 cast trip to Cartagena, Colombia wasn't acknowledged in the trailer, but it has been talked about almost as much as Luann's arrest. There have been countless rumors about a cruise gone wrong. There were initial reports that the boat caught on fire and that the Housewives feared for their lives. No one confirmed what actually did happen, but Bethenny tweeted, "One thing about the housewives…we never let the truth get in the way of a good story. There was a boating incident. That said, the details being reported are false." There hasn't been an official confirmation of what will be shown next season from the cast Colombia trip, but it is likely that such a buzzed about incident will make it into an episode (or two).

There is just so much to look forward to when RHONY returns for Season 10. Everything the fans already know sounds epic, so it will be exciting to see those storylines, as well as any surprises that they manage to keep under wraps before the episodes air.