13 Feminist Women's March Sign Ideas

by Kristine Fellizar

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. During the march, women and men of all ages and backgrounds will come together to get the point across that women's rights are human rights. Since everyone has their own reasons for attending, many have decided to get their voices heard by creating their own Women's March signs for the walk down Independence Avenue.

From the brutally honest to the more humorous variety, people have been sharing their signage for the march on Twitter. If you're planning to attend and still need some ideas, there are plenty of feminist march sign ideas you can use.

It's great that so many people are coming together to exercise their right to protest. But just be aware that there certain rules for the Women's March when it comes to signs. For one, it is meant to be a peaceful demonstration, so nothing you make or bring should be used as a weapon. Furthermore, signs should not encourage acts of civil disobedience. Security for the march is already a huge deal, so be sure to come prepared. Make sure you read up on what you're allowed to bring and what you're not. It should be an amazing event. So here are some feminist march sign ideas you can use for the Women's March:


Speak The Truth


Stand Together


Don't Be Afraid To Share Your Feelings


Remember That We Can't Be Stepped On

The phrase does have some controversial historical roots, but has been commonly used in protests. It's all about fighting for freedom and independence.


Let Princess Leia Guide You


Don't Succumb To Hate


Stand Together With Your Fellow Women


Honor The Incredible Women Who've Already Made History


Show Your Determination


Show How Women's Rights Are Human Rights


Show That You Won't Back Down


Show That You're Going To Keep Moving Forward


Remember We Are The Future

The Women's March is already expected to make history, so make a sign honoring the history-making women who've come before you and show you're determined to protect women's rights.

If you can't make the march on Washington, there are other alternatives you can do to participate and show your support. There are sister marches that will be happening in other places, so you can maybe find one more local to you. Now let's stand together and make our voices heard!