13 'Game Of Thrones' Storylines We Need To See In Season 7

Helen Sloane/courtesy of HBO

If I'm being perfectly honest with myself as a fan, all I really want for my favorite Game of Thrones characters is for them to run away from the nobility and settle in the country, safe and sound and drinking soup. Unfortunately, as the series comes to a close, the conflicts are coming to a head and that dream is just not a reality for most of my faves. At least the show will go out with a lot of excitement. Thinking realistically, these are the Game Of Thrones Season 7 storylines that I want to see.

Whether it's characters meeting for the first time, or reuniting after a while, there are a lot of ways that this can go. I'll tell you the one story I don't want, absolutely no way, is for another Targaryen to pop up. In the books, a character called Young Griff appears and claims to be Dany's brother Aegon Targaryen. There are quite enough secret Targaryens in Westeros, thank you very much. Poor Jon Snow is already going to have an identity crisis when he finds out who his parents really are.

Some storylines I think could stand to wait another season, too. I would love for Sansa Stark to ultimately find a loving romantic relationship, but she needs more time above all. There is still Season 8 to consider. However, as far as the immediate future on Game of Thrones is concerned, here are the storylines that fans absolutely need to see this summer.

1. Daenerys & Jon Meeting, Finally

When it comes down to it, that's all any of us wants. Whether they fall in love or tear each other apart, the two chosen characters represent the two crucial elements in A Song of Ice And Fire, and they're destined to come face to face.

2. Dorne Actually Gets It Done

One of my favorite characters from the book, Arianne Martell, will not likely ever appear on the show — so her storyline has been largely forgotten. However, wouldn't it be nice to see the ladies from Dorne do a little bit more this season?

3. Vengeance For Myrcella Baratheon

At the same time, Ellaria did not need to murder Cersei's daughter, and she's probably going to pay for it.

4. Gendry Returns From Wherever He Went

Please and thank you. Someone needs to represent House Baratheon and he's pretty much all they have left at this point.

5. Sansa & Tyrion's Reunion As Spouses

Now, I don't think that this relationship necessarily needs to be rekindled. It wasn't ever kindled in the first place. However, this is one of the reunions that I am most looking forward to, besides the Stark siblings and the epic Jon and Dany face-off. Tyrion and Sansa already respect one another, and I'd like to see them catch up and possibly work together as a team again.

6. Lady Stoneheart

Honestly, I think we should give up this dream. Maybe I'll stop wanting it next season. Maybe Arya will take over her storyline — I'd be OK with that, too.

7. The Hound Vs. The Mountain

This battle absolutely has to happen.

8. Someone Finally Stops Petyr Baelish's Smug Face

Chaos may be a ladder, but Littlefinger is a creep.

9. Winter Reaches King's Landing

Has winter really come until it reaches the South? Winterfell is always kind of cold. Call me when Cersei Lannister and the Dothraki need scarves.

10. Plan For A New Form Of Government

What! Yes, I'm serious. Democracy might not be best for Westeros, but I think it's clear that the Iron Throne isn't exactly working out either. Can't they come to some sort of political compromise?

11. Arya Learns To Warg, Too

Like her brother, Bran, the younger Stark girl can also see through living things in the books — namely cats, in her case.

12. Leader Of The Pack

Speaking of the Starks and their animals, whatever happened to Arya's direwolf? In the books, Nymeria is still out there.

13. Redemption For Theon Greyjoy

Unfortunately, I think that means he has to die. However, there is a lot of House Greyjoy plot from the books that has to happen in Season 7.

What else do you want to see, speculative or otherwise? There are so many possibilities, I'm positively thrilled for this season. Hopefully all or some of these storylines will actually happen, or make the cut.