'Spice World' Is 21 Today & These 13 Lessons Are Just Some Of The Reasons I Still Stan

Alex Bailey/Polygram/Kobal/Shutterstock

21 years go on this day, December 26, the greatest film in history, Spice World, premiered in cinemas across the globe. To the joy of super fans, and to the distain of critics — a cinematic star was born. A film which is enjoyable at any age, for any person, applies to any mood — is a pretty damn rare thing. Also, a lot of people might not agree with this film fitting that profile, but boo hiss haters, you're wrong and I'm about to tell you that, on the occasion of its 21st birthday, Spice World taught us so many lessons.

Who would have thought that a film with zero storyline would have been so great? Duh, everyone. Now, I was nine when it came out so my attention span wasn't great. Meaning a film that constantly jumps from scene to scene without any explanation, combined with a lot of celebrity cameos, great costumes, and music, was perfect. Now even being a bit older, my attention span is probably the worst it has ever been. Yep, social media, smart phones, internet, and all the illuminati stuff, every bit of it makes paying attention hard AF. Enter stage left Spice World, which provides constant entertainment from start to finish.

So let's look at what it has taught us. Now play this.


Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

You can't be going around being shallow in this life because it gets you absolutely nowhere. Baby Spice, our very own Emma Bunton, was putting forward empowering ideas in this film and y'all this still stands today, and forever.


Quality Is Better Than Quantity


Say for example, Elton John's earth shattering cameo which was an astonishing ten seconds long. But hey, he has a life long friendship with Victoria Beckham as a result.


Sometimes People Say Dumb Stuff Trying To Sound Smart

Spice World

Occasionally it is easy to be taken in by someone who has amazing energy and seems so wise. Then you actually listen to what they are saying and maybe feel like "OMG am I the dumb one or is that nonsense they are speaking?" Babe never second guess yourself, it is probably nonsense.

"When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness, whether they are clean or not."

Soz, what, Sir Roger Moore?


Sometimes Choosing An Outfit Need Not Be So Difficult

Don't torture yourself, just stick to what works for you and you'll always look great.


Practice Makes Perfect

Applies for everything, performing, cooking, drawing, your latest job, your ability to be an adult — practice makes perfect for all of these things and then some. Honestly.


It's Important To Be Safe When Doing Water Sports

Life vests should always be worn in water sport based activities, sailing etc. Better to be safe than sorry.


The Facts Of Life

It is important to know about contraception and sexual health from a young age.


Don't Let People Boss You Around

The Spice Girls take absolutely zero BS from their manager. Hell no, they will do what they want when they want to. And so should you babe.


Girl Power

OK so in fairness, their Girl Power initiative was not just in the movie, it was throughout their career but guys, hearing the idea of feminism said in a super positive way was unheard of before that. Yes Spice Girls. Yes feminism. Yes Girl Power. Yes to it all.


Fighting Gets You Nowhere

Watching our gals fall out on screen is just about the most torturous thing. As they prove though, fighting genuinely does get them nowhere and things only start to go on the up when they all quit it with the drama.


Being In The Public Eye Is Tough Work

It's not all glamour and champagne love. Seriously. Getting hounded by the press all the time?! Hell no. Having your private life constantly scrutinised? Yikes.


Time With Your Best Gals Is Invaluable

Forget about any of the stressful parts of life, and embrace all the simple things. There is absolutely nothing like time spent with your BFFs, laughing until you cry and making a complete twit of yourself and your tummy hurts. BFFLs.


Life Throws A Lot Of Punches So Just Try To Be Positive & Have Fun

As the old saying goes, it's not a dress rehearsal — this is your life. Enjoy it, live it up, do your best to be a good person. And most importantly, keep it spicy.