13 Mermaid Books You Should Bring To The Beach

Mermaids have been big for a while now. We have mermaid hair trends and mermaid fashion, mermaid TV shows and actual, factual mermaid tails that you can swim in. The animated mermaid film The Little Mermaid kicked off the great Disney movies of the 90's. The live action mermaid film Splash is widely credited with popularizing the name Madison for baby girls (and it's being remade with Channing Tatum as a beautiful merman). Mermaids are fun. So if you're heading to the beach this summer to live out your merperson dreams, you've simply got to bring one of these excellent mermaid (and merman) books along with you for a very on-theme read.

Myths about mermaids and water spirits and sexy sirens are as old as storytelling itself. Even before sailors were mistaking manatees for aquatic women, there were plenty of stories about beautiful ladies living in various bodies of water. Usually, these tales involved mermaids or ocean nymphs luring men to a watery grave. You might get the occasional story about a sad little mermaid yearning to be where the people are. But more recent mermaid fiction has brought us more nuanced, complex mermaids, and these stories explore every facet of life under the sea: