13 ‘Real Housewives’ Cities That Almost Happened, But Didn’t
by Kristie Rohwedder
Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

Over the last dozen years, The Real Housewives franchise has gone to many different places. And over the course of those 12 years, there have been several places where the Real Housewives almost went, but never actually made happen. No, this is not about the vacations that any of the existing Real Housewives casts planned to take but ultimately bailed on at the last minute (e.g., The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8’s cancelled Mexico trip). This is about the cities that were almost given a chance to host the franchise.

A quick disclaimer: We are using the word “almost” pretty loosely here. Basically, if a city was as much as rumored to be the next Real Housewives town, it made the list. Sure, several of the locations below did actually go through the whole casting process, but a few are nothing more than fun morsels of gossip.

Below you will find some of the cities that were strong contenders for the Real Housewives. You will find some cities that at least one person thought might be the next Real Housewives location. And you will find some cities that may still be in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Real Housewives City.


Boca Raton

Way back in 2015, Cohen revealed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that a Real Housewives set in Boca Raton was a possibility. A possibility that never became a reality.

Oh, but that might change: In October 2017, TMZ reported that Boca was one of three Florida cities that might be “on the table” for the next Real Housewives location.


West Palm Beach

TMZ also reported that Bravo is also considering West Palm Beach. If this does happen one day, whatever you do, do not call it Real Housewives of Palm Beach. Not unless you want an earful from Tinsley Mortimer, that is.


Fort Lauderdale

And finally, TMZ also reported that Fort Lauderdale could be the next Real Housewives city.



In a 2016 interview with Access Hollywood, Cohen spilled that the show held a casting call in Greenwich, Conn.

And that is just one of four almost RH cities that he named.


San Francisco

Cohen told Access Hollywood that once upon a time, they held a casting call in San Fran, too.

Oh, and the list kept going...


Wine Country

During that same Access Hollywood interview, the Emperor of the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse also revealed that Wine Country was on the table at one point. Of course, Wine Country is not a city, but a region made up of a whole pile of wine-loving cities, including Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. Given the Real Housewives' affinity for vino, this feels oh-so right.

But wait, there's one more...



And the final city Cohen listed during that gloriously revelatory Access Hollywood interview: Houston.


San Diego

In 2013, the San Diego Tribune reported that production company Asylum Entertainment was looking for Real Housewives in the San Diego area. Evidently, nothing came of it.


Las Vegas

About seven years ago, rumors started swirling around about the Real Housewives franchise possibly setting up shop in Sin City. Contrary to the tittle-tattle, apparently this wasn't actually the case. As the Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Cohen tweeted that the film crew that was reportedly following a group of affluent women in Vegas was not affiliated with the Real Housewives.



Same goes for Scottsdale. In 2011, there were some whispers that the Bravo series was filming in the Arizona city. However, in the same tweet where Cohen shut down the Vegas rumor, he shut down the Scottsdale rumor, too. Regarding the franchise possibly going to Scottsdale and Vegas, Cohen tweeted, “It is not true and we have no association to either project.”

Well, then. That is that.


Santa Barbara

What’s this? Another California city? Oh, you know it. There's been chatter regarding Santa Barbara possibly being the next Real Housewives location for almost a decade, but nothing’s come of it…. Uh, maybe don’t rule the city out just yet. According to LALALATE, Real Housewives may be going to Santa Barbara soon.



There have been rumblings regarding the franchise going to Nashville for years, but nothing's come of those rumblings. However, Cohen has been rooting for a Nashville installment of the series for quite some time...

... But remember: it's all hypothetical.



Apparently, there were Real Housewives auditions in Chicago back in 2013. Alas, it sounds like the franchise might've blown off the Windy City.

Where will the Real Housewives almost go next? Fans will just have to wait and see what the rumor mill churns up. Keep your ear to the ground and your eye on the message boards.