13 Shows That Don't Need Reboots


When television revivals started happening, it was a glorious occasion. TV series that were unceremoniously canceled or didn't get the endings they deserved finally had the chance to right some wrongs. Unfortunately, as with most Hollywood trends, TV revivals have become far too common with the industry taking advantage of built-in fan bases. As I'd rather my next TV obsession come from an original idea than a rehashing of an old show, I can think of plenty of TV series that should not get revivals — and other people who are sick of reboots should agree with me.

I'm all about nostalgia, but a key element of nostalgia is the wistful longing for what used to be. And sometimes what used to be isn't quite as epic as you remembered it (did your grandparents really walk to school barefoot in the snow?). So when beloved TV series are recreated for the modern age, they rarely hold up. This in part has to do with the tremendous amount of expectations that come with TV reboots (I prefer to pretend Season 4 of Arrested Development doesn't exist), but time being unkind to revivals is also a good reason why TV executives should just leave well enough alone. Because as Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life proved, I'd rather long for the old days of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in Stars Hollow than be tragically disappointed by the fact that they haven't had any character development in the last decade.

Although I still get lured in by TV revivals — I do write about TV for a living after all — some have earned their place in reboot land more than others. While I'm stoked for Twin Peaks, which was canceled after its second season in 1991, I'm much less inclined to be excited about the Will & Grace revival as the series ended after eight seasons and had a planned series finale — complete with a time jump. With that in mind, here are 13 other TV shows that, in the same vein as Will & Grace, had their time in the sun and should remain a whimsical memory or strictly rerun fodder.


'Freaks & Geeks'

Although Freaks and Geeks sadly was taken off the air after only one season, the story is so purely one of high school that trying to make it work now with its original stellar cast would probably fail — even in the capable hands of Judd Apatow.



While Jack yelling the oh-so meme-worthy, "We have to go back!" still gives me chills, true fans know that there is no need to go back to the island again.


'Three's Company'

No need to bring back the sexually-fueled hijinks of Three's Company — even if Jason Ritter could step in to take on a version of his father's role.



A Friends reunion has been something people have longed for even before reboots were all the rage Yet, the NBC series about Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey had 10 seasons that were all neatly wrapped up in a hyped-up finale. Plus, let's never forget (as in, always forget) the disaster that was the spin-off Joey.


'How I Met Your Mother'

The gang at MacLaren's Pub had plenty of time — actually, too much time — to tell their tale and while I may have been incredibly unhappy with how Ted Mosby's story to his children ended up, that was the series' plan all along.


'I Dream Of Jeannie'

I can hear the pitch of gender-swapping the genie now. But TGIF already tried that in the '90s with the show You Wish to no success.



Seinfeld got its perfect reunion through Curb Your Enthusiasm, so let's leave it at that.


'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'

Would it be amazing if Will Smith participated in this? Uh, absolutely. But the day that Smith feels the need to do a Fresh Prince reboot is a sad day for all us Fresh Prince fans. Plus, the original Aunt Viv would throw so much shade.



Whether the Diane years or the Rebecca years were better is already highly contested, so no need to add fuel to the fire by bringing back one of the most loved sitcoms of all time.


'Dawson's Creek'

Contrary to the theme song's message, I'm completely comfortable waiting for a Dawson's Creek reboot since it never needs to happen.


'The Brady Bunch'

The Brady Bunch movie from 1995 is one of my all-time favorite films and it mocked the hokiness of the original show so well that there's never a reason to bring the Bradys back again.


'Family Matters'

Something tells me that Urkel's antics won't have aged well.


'Golden Girls'

Even with the inevitable Betty White cameo, it wouldn't be the same if a network tried to recreate the magic of the original Golden Girls.

As these 13 shows prove, TV execs need to stop handing viewers their nostalgia on a plate before revivals end up ruining memories of all the best series forever.