13 Texts To Send A First-Time Mom On Mother's Day


There's a good chance that if your friend has recently become a new mom, your friendship has shifted. That's why it's so important that you show your support for your friend's motherhood — even if you're a long way off or have no interest in being a mom yourself. It can be through a little gift, a quick phone call, or even just a sweet text to send a first-time mom on Mother's Day to let you know you're thinking of her.

When your friend becomes a mom, it can be a really weird sensation. The person you've been messy with, gotten drunk with, maybe even traveled the world or lived with suddenly has a little, tiny bundle of responsibility. It's totally natural to find it a little bit of a rocky transition — even though you're so proud of them and happy for them, it's such a big change that it may take a while to get used to.

If your friend is about to celebrate their first Mother's Day as a new parent, taking the time to send a quick congrats is a great way to show that you are definitely OK with the fact that they never come to brunch anymore so now brunch is just you watching Netflix and getting mimosa-drunk in your PJs. It's fine. Really. But seriously, just taking a moment and sending a funny message (or a heartfelt one if you're someone who, you know, can process your emotions), can be a really sweet gesture — especially to a new mom who might still be feeling pretty overwhelmed. Here's what you can say to help them welcome in their first Mother's Day.


This Motivational Penguin

I use this motivational penguin in any and all situations and I would highly recommend that you do the same. There is no situation this little penguin can't handle.


"You Made It Through This Year!! Only 17 More To Go!"

Just a reminder that they haven't had a rest for a year and that they will NEVER HAVE A REST AGAIN.


"You're The Strongest Woman I Know"

Moms are amazing and you might not always let your friend know that — just take a minute and let them hear it.



There is no greater gift to a new mom than sleep — so hopefully she's getting some today. A little acknowledgement of the fact that she hasn't been able to rest in 12 months is probably a welcome one.


"Happy Mother's Day To The Sexiest Woman To Rock Mom Jeans!"

Besides Tina Fey, of course. Just a reminder that you're watching their mom-ameter to see how mom-like they can become.


"Thank You For Showing Me That Even Idiots Like Us Can Be Great Moms"

If this is a friend who you've had a lot of adventures and exploits with, it can be nice to give a nod to the fact that you used to be hot messes together. Who knows, maybe you still are, but they're setting an example for the future.


"You Are A Total Inspiration. Happy Mother's Day!"

Sometimes, you just want to keep it heartfelt.


"Happy Mother's Day! Time To Get Wasted"

Repeat after me: Moms deserve a drink.


"Thank You For Being The Best Grownup I Know"

Sometimes, when your friend becomes a mom it can feel like they fast-forward into being a grownup while you're still feeling like a kid. Acknowledging that that happened — and it that it's OK — can be a really good move.


"Happy Mother's Day! I Miss You But I'm So Proud Of You!"

One thing that can make things difficult is not admitting that things have changed. You can not see your friend for a while and still have a strong friendship — they'll be there on the other side.


"Happy Mother's Day! Thanks For Having The Only Child I Can Stand!"

If you're not a kid person, you still probably love the hell out of your friend's kid — it's OK to let them know that.


"My Vagina Is For Recreational Use Only But I'm Glad Yours Wasn't"

Even if you're never going to have kids, you can be happy they did.


"Happy Mother's Day To The Coolest Mom I Know"

If this GIF doesn't get used than I don't really know why you're even bothering.

Celebrating Mother's Day when you actually have friends who are moms can be a weird feeling — but why not embrace it? You don't have to give them a gift or go over-the-top, but a little text can go a long way.