13 Theories About Jane's Fate On 'Jane The Virgin' That Are Straight Out Of A Telenovela

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In the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin, Jane Gloriana Villanueva became engaged to her boyfriend Michael and was accidentally artificially inseminated with another man's sperm. So you know Jane's fate in the Jane the Virgin finale is guaranteed to be equally dramatic. While viewers don't want anything bad to befall our heroine, the telenovela-inspired series will blend happiness with a bit of heartache when the final chapter drops on July 31. Jane's story coming to an end will be the last opportunity for those classic twists, so fans have got some "straight out of a telenovela" theories on what will happen to her by the end of Jane the Virgin.

Jane is a pretty normal person and doesn't have quite the flair for the dramatic as her father Rogelio does. But she is the epicenter of all the outrageousness that goes down in Jane the Virgin and is placed in unusual situations based on the people in her inner circle. So while Jane doesn't have a long-lost twin sister, isn't in a romantic relationship with her stepmother, and wasn't given amnesia, these telenovela events revolve around her. And the finale will be no exception.

Ahead of "Chapter 96," Jane is happily with Rafael and planning their wedding as she works on her novel. So what's in store for her in the Jane the Virgin series finale? Here are just some of the possibilities.


Jane Ends Up With Michael After Rafael Dies

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Fair warning, this theory comes from a Team Michael only Reddit thread. But Two users shared that they believe there could be a flash-forward in the finale where Rafael dies (possibly from his cancer?) years after he and Jane married. Then, Jane and Michael will meet back up later in life and get together again.


Jane Will Have A Surprise Guest At Her Wedding

The above fan on Twitter is also clearly Team Michael since she hopes that Brett Dier's return to Jane the Virgin will be to object at Jane and Rafael's wedding. @bookish_dreamer doesn't theorize what Jane would do in that situation, but it would make for a dramatic end-of-series decision.


Jane Will Be Saved By Michael & Luisa

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If you've accepted that Rafael is Jane's endgame, then you may be more into this theory from frycrunch96 on Reddit. They want Luisa and Michael to team up to stop Sin Rostro from ruining Jane and Rafael's happiness. Added bonuses are that Raf would trust his sister again and maybe there'd be some happiness for Michael too if he was invited to Jane's wedding and brought his Montana neighbor Charlie (Dier's real-life fiancée Haley Lu Richardson) as his date.


Jane & Rafael Will Have Another Child

Jane and Rafael had talked about having more kids before Michael got his memories back earlier in Season 5. But in "Chapter 95," Rafael admitted he has changed his mind. Yet, since the narrator said one of them will change their mind, fans, like @Swish_AndFlick on Twitter, believe that means that Jane and Rafael will have another child together. But how they will get Mateo's potential sibling (or siblings?) is cause for even more speculation ...


Jane Will Take Guardianship Of Lina's Child

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While Lina changed her mind about Jane donating an egg to help her and her husband conceive, she did ask Jane to be the child's guardian if something were to happen to her and Danny. So Gigglegranola on Reddit wonders if Jane and Rafael will end up with another child through something tragic happening to Jane's BFF.


Jane Will Adopt Petra's Twins

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Rafael is already the father of Anna and Elsa. But one devastating theory from Redditor musical_dukes2022 is that Jane will adopt the twins after something happens to Petra. Considering Petra did just get in a car crash, the show might be preparing us for that possibility.


Jane's Already Pregnant

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With so much baby talk in "Chapter 95," DoNotBelongHere on Reddit wondered if Jane might already be pregnant. It sure felt like Jane the Virgin was making sure babies were on the audiences' minds, so don't be too surprised if Jane is somehow pregnant with another one of Rafael's miracle babies when she walks down the aisle.


Jane Will Have A Daughter

No matter how Jane and Rafael come by this additional child, @ayes775 on Twitter thinks it will be a girl. After all, Jane thought her Milkshake Mateo was a girl before he was born.


Jane's Second Child Will Be The Narrator

Whether Jane and Rafael's second child together is adopted, (like Twitter user @dazed2 mentioned above) or biological (like Redditors cruciverbalista and 235488 suggested), this son could end up being the narrator. Since Mateo being the narrator is one of the leading theories, this would certainly be a twist.


Jane's Book Is The Story

OK, enough baby talk. Since Jane began writing her second novel in Season 4, many fans have felt certain that Jane's new book is actually the story we're watching on the show. As @KatieMinard on Twitter shared, the chapters of Jane the Virgin could be the corresponding chapters of her novel. Of any of the theories, this one seems the most valid.


Jane's Book Will Become A Telenovela

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Jane has dabbled in telenovela writing, but she officially dropped it to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist. But what if her novel becomes adapted into a telenovela? shoebocks01 on Reddit proposed this could happen through a telenovela-approved mixup.


Jane Will Get 'The Notebook' Treatment

A time jump to the future does seem reasonable for the Jane the Virgin finale. And @pablitam89 theorized on Twitter and Tumblr that the end will be Rafael reading Jane's book back to her when she's elderly and possibly suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, like in The Notebook. Get the tissues ready now.


Rafael Leaves Jane ... For Michael

Hey, fans can dream, right?

Most fans believe that Jane will live to see the end of Jane the Virgin, which is some relief. But no matter what does down, expect the tears to flow when Jane's final fate is revealed.