These Theories About How 'Jane The Virgin' Ends Get Really Dark, Really Fast

Kevin Estrada/The CW

The end is nigh, friends! Jane the Virgin only has six more episodes before the series finale on July 31. With things seemingly coming together nicely for Jane and Rafael, now's the time to come up with theories about how Jane the Virgin ends. Because, as every viewer knows, a lot can go down in just minutes on a telenovela like this one — let alone episodes. And while Jane and Rafael seem all set for a big, happy wedding day in "Chapter 100," the narrator warned us in "Chapter 94" that their wedding won't go smoothly. So let the theories begin!

While showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman seems guaranteed to give fans closure during the end of Jane the Virgin, let's not forget all the bonkers events that have occurred in past season finales. Mateo was stolen by Sin Rostro after Jane gave birth to him. Michael was shot by Sin Rostro after he married Jane. Petra was held at gunpoint by Anezka at Xo and Rogelio's wedding. And Michael came back from the dead when Rafael was ready to propose to Jane. So bliss has always been mixed with the threat of death in finales on Jane the Virgin and the series ending should be no exception.

Based on photos from the last day of shooting, it looks like the finale will take place on Jane and Rafael's wedding day. So what bad thing will occur on their big day? Check out the fan theories below and be prepared to have your mind blown.


There Will Be Another Shooting

Scott Everett White/The CW

Reddit user Emelorium brought up how guns are often in the final episodes of a season. So could there be a shooting in the finale? If Rose was the one to die, it would be a fitting end to the villain Sin Rostro. And the only person who would be really disappointed would probably be Luisa ... unless, of course, she was the one who pulled the trigger.


Jane Will Leave Rafael For Michael Again

You might be all geared up for Rafael and Jane to get married in the finale. But @emm_denn's theory above that Jane abandons Raf at the altar for Michael still could be possible nearly two months after she tweeted it. By the number of likes, many fans support this theory, but others will be enraged if Jane picks Michael over Rafael again.


There Will Be A Revealing Time Jump

Fan @browsforlife on Twitter had a possible premonition that Jane and Rafael will go through with the marriage, but that it won't last long and she'll end up with Michael again. And other fans have also proposed that Rafael and Jane will be broken up in the future.

However, this ending is little too close for comfort to what How I Met Your Mother did to Barney and Robin, so here's hoping it doesn't come down to that.


It Was All A Dream ... Well, Book

A common trend when it comes to finale theories is that people are dissatisfied that Michael and Jane (probably) won't end up together. But even if Jane isn't with Michael, it could still end with @esthertee_'s theory that the show is actually a fiction novel that Jane wrote.


The Show Is Jane's Novel

Speaking of the show being a book, @izzybetzz suggested that it's common knowledge that the narrator is really just reading Jane's novel about her life story. As Urman promised the narrator will be revealed in the series finale and there's a possible spinoff series about Jane's stories in the works, this autobiographical theory does seem like one of the most plausible.


JR Will Propose To Petra

Petra and JR broke up in "Chapter 92" and Petra revealed to Jane afterward that she had planned on proposing. So one fan is holding out hope that JR will return in the finale and be the one who proposes to Petra ... awww.


Jane Is The One Who Dies

Was the last theory too hopeful for you? Well, try this one from @thomassteven00 on for size. He suggested that Jane will die in the end and that's why she has a narrator telling her story. Urman said there will be deaths at the end of the series, but this would just be absurdly heartbreaking.


Michael Will Take Down Sin Rostro

Let's end on a happier note. Rose is in jail, but that hasn't stopped her criminal activities. And after everything that Rose has put Michael through, he deserves to stop her once and for all. Since Brett Dier is coming back one last time to the show, maybe he will return to take Rose down. And whether Luisa is really working for Rose or working for the cops will define her fate.

Jane the Virgin has always blended the happy with the sad. So while, overall, the series finale should be joyful, prepare to have some bitter mixed into that sweetness.