13 Things Fans Need To See Happen During ‘RHOA’ Season 10

by Marenah Dobin
Annette Brown/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 premiered Sunday night and a whole new season of drama began. The ATL ladies always bring it and the trailer for the season was nothing short of lit. After the first episode, the expectations are high, and there some specific things the fans need to see happen during the Season 10 of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sure, the preview for the season and the first episode gave viewers a glimpse at what's to come in terms of the story lines, but that was only just a little taste of what fans can expect. Not only that, but there have been plenty of news stories about the Atlanta Housewives over the past few months that need further explanation.

Plus, last season was so dark and diehard fans are still reeling from the surprising revelations that went down during the four-part reunion. Porsha Williams admitting that Phaedra Parks was the one who told her those awful allegations about Kandi Burruss was a development that no one saw coming. Kandi, who had always denied the outrageous claims, was vindicated, and Phaedra and Porsha's best friendship was over. Every cast member and Bravo viewer was utterly shocked, and Phaedra is not returning to the show. Where do the ladies go from there?

Here's what needs to be addressed during Season 10.

1. NeNe's Feud With Kim & Brielle

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have been arguing for years. Now, Kim's daughter Brielle Biermann is in on it. Kim and Brielle got into a heated social media feud with NeNe in early October that continued on via NeNe's Halloween costume.

2. Kenya's Marriage

No one had any idea Kenya Moore was in a relationship with Marc Daly, so their marriage was completely shocking. Who is this guy? There is so much that needs to be addressed. Hopefully, Kenya is ready to share some tea.

3. Cynthia's New Boyfriend

After years of tough times with Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey is divorced and now she has a new man. Bravo reports that Cynthia is dating Will Jones who describes himself on Instagram as "A Distinguished Gentleman from the South Side of Chicago." Will the ladies approve? Kenya and NeNe did not seem super impressed with her choice during the Season 10 previews, warning the model to be careful when it comes to her new boo.

4. A Status Update On Porsha & Phaedra's Friendship

Have Porsha and Phaedra spoken since the dramatic Season 9 reunion? It makes perfect sense that Phaedra is not on the show anymore, but they were tied at the hip up until the reunion, so did they try to resurrect their friendship? Did Porsha ever confront Phaedra about lying to her?

5. Shereé's Man Behind Bars

Shereé has been single for her whole time as a Housewife, but judging by the preview for this season, she has a man and apparently he's an inmate at a federal prison. That is beyond intriguing.

6. Kenya & Kim's Feud

Kim set herself up for a much-anticipated return to the Housewives life when she and Kenya beefed at Shereé's housewarming party during the Season 9 finale episode. They were also shown arguing during the trailer for Season 10. In the preview Kenya tells Kim, "Worry about pimping your daughter out." Clearly, the animosity has continued.

7. Kandi Confronting Porsha After Last Year's Antics

Sure, Porsha finally came clean at the reunion about her involvement in the Kandi rumors last season, but what happened after that? Kandi and Porsha had to have a sit-down at some point during Season 10, right? There's no way they can just move on without addressing the issues between them.

8. NeNe Addressing Her Remarks

In October, NeNe lashed out at an audience member during one of her comedy shows. TMZ obtained a video of NeNe telling the person, "The god damn Uber driver, I hope he rapes your ass before he take you home, b*tch.”

On October 9, NeNe issued an apology on Facebook:

"I truly regret and apologize for what I said from the stage in Oakland over the weekend. Sometimes words can cut deep and hurt when you have no intentions of them doing so. As a woman and someone who has survived abuse, I regret the words that I used. I made a mistake and I should have known better. I hope people accept my deepest and sincerest apologies. I am sorry."

TMZ also reported that NeNe was dropped from Kandi's Xscape tour, according to a statement released by the group.

9. Porsha & Kim's Friendship

Now that Phaedra is off the show, the trailer showed Porsha telling Kim, "You're my new friend." Is it a real friendship or just an alliance against mutual enemies, i.e. Kenya? Kim isn't even a full-time cast member, so who is Porsha going to lean on when Kim isn't around?

10. Kenya's Baby Journey

Kenya has been very open about her desire to be a mom over the past couple of seasons. During a Season 6 episode, Kenya even told her family, "I may need a bigger house with more bedrooms." Kenya has had baby fever for the past few seasons, so it is very possible that it will be a big part of her story line this season now that she is married.

11. Porsha's Love Life

Based on social media, Porsha seems to be single these days, but is she dating? Is she focusing on other aspects of her life instead? Will she have any suitors during Season 10? Fans need to know exactly what's going on.

12. Cast Trip Drama

Even though things are always heated in ATL, a cast trip brings the tension to the surface every time. It could be the fatigue from traveling or the change in time zones, but pretty much no one is her usual self during a Real Housewives vacation and it always makes for iconic television.

13. A New Cast Member To Shake Things Up

As great as this cast is, the addition of some new faces is necessary to freshen up the show and bring some new drama for fans to enjoy. America's Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille confirmed that she will join the show next season as "a friend of the Housewives." Eva told Us Weekly, " I'm so excited to join NeNe Leakes and the ladies for the 10th season of RHOA. Atlanta and America, get ready!" Hopefully, she'll be just what the show needs.

Atlanta has been one of the few cities in the franchise that has consistently delivered every single season. As per usual, the expectations are high, but if these story lines are included during Season 10, it's going to be another explosive season.