13 Women On The Surprising Way They Landed A Job

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The job search can be a tumultuous, long, and confusing process. Where we aim to be isn't always where we end up. But so many people have stories about a person they met who connected them to another person, or how a chance encounter led them to a job they never imagined themselves in. The surprising ways people landed a job not only set them on a new path, they also provide an interesting story to tell. Being open to opportunity is so important when it comes to the direction your career heads. Rarely do you hear someone say that the path their life has taken is exactly what they imagined for themselves. Honestly, if it was, that'd be quite boring.

As a recent graduate, I have seen this happen over and over to my peers. One friend went into a job interview expecting to talk to one company, and instead was told she would be a better fit at its sister brand, a location she preferred. Now she couldn't be happier going to work every day. Another friend was rejected from the job she had dreamed of starting for years, only to stumble upon one at a company with more opportunity and much greater respect for its employees.

So if you're worried about not getting the job you always dreamed of, don't be. The right one is just around the corner, and might come at you in a way you never expected. Read on to see some of the surprising ways women have landed a job.

As you can see, opportunities can be anywhere — be open to it and see what happens.