14 '90s Movies That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Every decade has some movies that feel out of place for its era. Whether it's due to their subject matter, their effects, or their casting, there are always films that the world just isn't ready for yet. For instance, several '90s movies were way ahead of their time, to the point where the ideas that they put forth would seem unique even if they showed up in a movie today.

The films of the '90s aren't often remembered for being ahead of their time, and are instead usually regarded as being mired in their era. People love to look back with their modern sensibilities and nitpick everything that would be unacceptable by today's standards in movies that were made 25 years ago, but that's not really fair to the decade as a whole. There are plenty of movies from the '90s that not only stood in contrast to their peers at the time of their release, but that still hold up today as relevant cinematic achievements. The 14 '90s films I've included on this list are all very different. There are comedy films and horror movies, Oscar-winners and cult classics, special effects-laden blockbusters and indie darlings — but what they all have in common is something that made them wise beyond their years... specifically, the years between 1990 and 1999.