Here's A List Of All 14 Advent Calendars Hitting Aldi This Year


Wow. I don't know what's going on with this season's advent calendars, but they're on another level. Never one to be left behind, Aldi's U.S. stores are stepping up their game. Whether you prefer chocolate or cheese, beer or Barbie, they've got something for you. Check out the below list of 14 Aldi advent calendars for 2019 and try not to fall in love. Go on, I dare you.

You may have noticed that advent calendars have gotten quite the facelift over the last couple of years. No longer does it start and end with cheap-o chocolate calendars (although I'll be damned if I'm going to stop buying those every holiday season). Shoppers must have gotten the itch for something new and improved, because these days, there's an advent calendar for everything. You can buy a Disney princess sock advent calendar at Target, and mark my words: This is going to be the only time you'll ever enjoy getting socks as a gift. A marshmallow advent calendar is here to give you a toothache. Trader Joe's is even launching an advent calendar for cats.

And let's just take a moment to talk about how cool advent calendars are, in general, because it's basically like you're surprising yourself with a tiny gift every single day leading up to Christmas. If that doesn't bring the holiday cheer, I don't know what will.

So, if you've got an Aldi in the neighborhood and want to treat yo'self (or, you know, someone you care about or whatever) to something special, here are 14 advent calendars to keep an eye out for.

1. Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar

Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar, Credit: Aldi

Festive? I'll say. Anything that involves 24 days of wine gets a stamp of approval from me. This calendar, returning from last year, will feature 24 mini bottles of wine, a variety specially curated for the holidays.

$69.99, available Nov. 6

2. Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar, Credit: Aldi

Well, you're going to need a snack to go with all of the wine you're going to be drinking, right? This calendar — also a returner — sold out pretty fast last year, so I'd make sure you get to the store sooner than later if you want to get your mitts on it. It features 24 mini imported cheeses.

$14.99, available Nov. 6

3. Beer Advent Calendar

Maybe you're not a wine drinker, or maybe you just enjoy taking a break from the vino every now and then to sip on a brewski. This is the advent calendar for you — it comes with 24 standard-sized bottles of beer, which, much like the wine, would also pair nicely with cheese.

$49.99, available Nov. 6

4. Choceur Premium Advent Calendar

Choceur Premium Advent Calendar, Credit: Aldi

For those of you who'd prefer a little less alcohol and a little more chocolate, here's a more traditional option: A milk chocolate advent calendar, which looks delicious in about 10 different ways. It features 24 milk chocolate figures with milky fillings.

$4.99, available Nov. 6

5. Choceur Advent Calendar

Choceur Advent Calendar, Credit: Aldi

This option is a little less fancy and probably looks like what you received as a wee one. Still, Aldi never disappoints (but I'm going with the premium version, for what it's worth). Also, they have this calendar in blue.

$1.39, available Nov. 6

6. Moser Roth 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Speaking of fancy, this German chocolate is everything my dreams are made of. This advent calendar will come equipped with 24 chocolates and truffles, the perfect little treat to count down to the holidays at the end of each day.

$7.99, available Nov. 6

7. Disney Book Advent Calendar

Disney Book Advent Calendar, Credit: Aldi

Oh yes. This is it. This is the Disney advent calendar we've all been waiting for. This one comes with 24 little storybooks based on iconic Disney tales and characters.

$9.99, available Nov. 6

8. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Raise your hand if you played with Hot Wheels as a kid! Raise your hand if you play with Hot Wheels as a grown adult! This calendar comes with 24 days of Hot Wheels goodies you'll love at any age.

$16.99, available Nov. 6

9. Cars Advent Calendar

It's one of those Disney Pixar films we'll never forget, and now, you can celebrate the holidays with you favorite automobiles. The Cars calendar for kids even comes with five metal cars. Vroom.

$16.99, available Nov. 6

10. Barbie Advent Calendar

You're never too old for Barbie. The kids in your life will love this advent calendar from Aldi, but I do believe it's a better idea to buy one and keep it for yourself. This one will come with a Barbie doll and 24 days of Barbie surprises.

$24.99, available Nov. 6

11. Toy Story 4 Advent Calendar

Aldi is going all out with the Disney-themed advent calendars, so it only makes sense that they included one that pays tribute to the animated film that changed it all. This one will come with 24 day of Toy Story 4-themed surprises.

$24.99, available Nov. 6

12. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

The kiddies are going to love this one. You know the theme song, parents. Sing along! And enjoy 24 days of Paw Patrol-themed surprises.

$19.99, available Nov. 6

13. OmegaSnax Dog Advent Calendar

OmegaSnax Dog Advent Calendar, Credit: Aldi

Oh hey there, look — it's an advent calendar for you pooch filled with 25 delicious salmon-and-sweet-potato treats. This is a delicious follow-up to the one Trader Joe's launched last year.

$5.89, available 11/6

14. Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year

Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year, Credit: Aldi

We all know that the celebration doesn't really end until after we ring in the new year. This is the perfect way to say adios to 2019 and usher in 2020 — an extension to your Christmas advent calendar that lets you count down the remaining five to New Years. Cheers to that!

$24.99, available Dec. 4.