14 '90s Heartthrobs You Forgot About


Anyone who grew up in the 1990s knows of the name Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but so many other '90s heartthrobs who graced the covers of teen magazines, like Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and BOP, have been forgotten about over the years. Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio survived his '90s heartthrob status and managed to come out the other side with a few Oscar nominations (and a win). But many other dreamboats that '90s kids drooled over haven't had the same type of staying power. Yet, once you see images of some of these lesser-known '90s heartthrobs again, memories of hanging their pictures on your wall will come flooding back.

Who you were crushing on in the '90s greatly depends on what year you were born in. Yet, there should be a familiar face for '90s kids of all ages on this list of heartthrobs that you may not remember. Either way, the hair styles will be giving you flashbacks of going to convenience stores to peruse these fine specimens from your favorite TV shows and movies on the covers of teenybopper magazines. And though you may have been young, your love for these boys and men was true — and no one could have told you otherwise.

So although you may not think of these heartthrobs today, here are 14 guys you definitely wished were your boyfriends at some point in the '90s.

Jason Behr

The Roswell star was on all the best '90s shows, including Step by Step, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, and Dawson's Creek.

Tony Lucca

Fans of The Voice got to see this Mickey Mouse Club member all grown up when he competed on Season 2.

Jonathan Jackson

Not to be confused with Joshua Jackson, the General Hospital star — and later, the star in Tuck Everlasting in 2002 with Alexis Bledel — is on Nashville now.

Zachery Ty Bryan

He played Jonathan Taylor Thomas' older brother, Brad, on Home Improvement. Now, where's the love for the youngest Taylor brother, Taran Noah Smith's Mark?

Mike Vitar

He was Benny in The Sandlot — need I say more? Well, I will because he was in The Mighty Ducks sequels too.

Aaron Lohr

Nowadays he may be engaged to Idina Menzel, but in the '90s he was Mush in Newsies, along with being in Sister, Sister and D2: The Mighty Ducks (with Vitar). Plus, he was Max's singing voice in A Goofy Movie!

David Lascher

His résumé is chock full of '90s gold when it comes to TV shows — Hey Dude; Beverly Hills, 90210; Blossom; Clueless (as the TV version of Josh!); and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch — although Harvey fans probably weren't too into him on the Melissa Joan Hart show.

Nate Richert

Speaking of Harvey from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Nate Richert was extremely crush-worthy in the '90s.

Jason James Richter

Although Jason James Richter is no relation to Richert, any friend of Willy's — as in, Free Willy — was a friend of mine in the '90s.

Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young first won hearts on the Disney Channel in The Famous Jett Jackson and Johnny Tsunami (seriously, Jett Jackson can still make me swoon). Sadly, like many other '90s heartthrobs I looked up for this list, he died young as he committed suicide in 2013.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong had a really successful film career in the '90s that kicked off with him being John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Brandon Call

Brandon Call was on Baywatch as Hobie, but is probably best remembered for his role of J.T. Lambert on Step by Step.

Michael Treanor

Michael Treanor played the oldest of the Three Ninjas, Rocky. And while Rocky loved Emily, you loved Rocky.

Austin O'Brien

As Danny in Last Action Hero, Nick in My Girl 2, and Logan in The Baby-Sitters Club, Austin O'Brien gave you plenty of reasons to like him in the '90s.

While some of these heartthrobs are more memorable than others, all of them had a piece of your heart in the '90s.