14 Scary Movies Like 'Veronica' Streaming Right Now That Are Also Too Terrifying To Finish


Netflix's latest film has a unique distinction: It's too scary to finish watching. OK, that's not 100 percent true, plenty of people have been able to brave the entire 106-minute runtime of Veronica, but a number of fans find themselves so terrified of the Spanish horror flick that they're shutting it off midway through; uninterested in seeing how it all plays out. The movie is garnering stellar reviews and has already been described by some as the scariest film ever made, but there are plenty of other movies currently streaming that are too scary to finish.

On the surface, Veronica doesn't seem like it'd be that scary. It's the story of a teenage girl who uses a Ouija board and ends up haunted by an evil demonic presence; a plot synopsis reads like a pretty generic horror movie checklist. Teenager? Check. Ouija board? Check. Demon? Check. The film even features a creepy nun, similar to the demon nun seen in The Conjuring 2. So what makes Veronica so scary?

For one, the movie is directed by Paco Plaza, who also helmed [REC], which is considered by many horror aficionados to be the best example of the found footage genre. So the film has some serious horror pedigree behind it. Veronica is also inspired by a true story, which is a surefire way to make a scary movie ten times scarier. In this case, the film was inspired by the mysterious unsolved death of a Spanish teen, whose health and mind deteriorated after using a Ouija board. Scary stuff, indeed.

But if you were one of the few who was brave enough to watch Veronica all the way through and live to tell the tale, then take a look at these other terrifying movies below that are currently streaming and see if you can manage to make it through them as well.

'The Ritual'

Another recent Netflix original, this "lost in the woods" films features one of the scariest movie monsters of the past decade.

Watch it on: Netflix.

'The Babadook'

One of the best reviewed horror films of the past several years, this indie film quickly became a cult favorite among scary movie fans.

Watch it on: Netflix.


The Clive Barker classic is just as frightening now as it was in the '80s.

Watch it on: Netflix and Hulu.

'The Conjuring'

One of the scariest ghost story movies ever, this film's massive success spawned an entire franchise.

Watch it on: Netflix.

'It Follows'

Another recent gem, this terrifying present day parable is already regarded as a modern classic.

Watch it on: Netflix.


Supernatural ghouls and goblins can be scary, no doubt, but in real life you're much more likely to encounter a creepy Craigslist person like the one seen in this film.

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'The Invitation'

Obligatory cheesy joke: And you thought your ex was scary! For real though, this film is chilling.

Watch it on: Netflix.

'The Nightmare'

Without a doubt, this is the scariest documentary ever made. Good luck sleeping afterwards.

Watch it on: Netflix.

'The Descent'

A group of friends decide to rappel into an unexplored subterranean cave system, what could possibly go wrong? Oh, there are carnivorous mole people? Got it.

Watch it on: Netflix.


With its deaf protagonist, this film does an excellent job of making the viewer feel helpless.

Watch it on: Netflix.

'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'

An all-time classic, and an inspiration for the scores of slasher and hillbilly horror films that followed it.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime.


This French picture depicts a couple trapped in their home, besieged by... something.

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The classic outer space thriller has often been duplicated but never replicated.

Watch it on: HBO Now.

'The Exorcist'

Often cited as the scariest film ever made (at least until Veronica came out), this is the one movie every true horror fan must watch all the way through.

Watch it on: HBO Now.

Veronica may be the scariest movie ever made, or maybe not. But as this list of currently streaming horror films shows, it's got some pretty stiff competition.