14 Unicorn Products To Take To The Beach This Summer

Courtesy of Vendors

Hot weather is here, and that means it's time to layer on the SPF and wiggle your toes in the sand. If you're heading to the water and want the day to feel more magical than ever, you're going to want to check out these 14 unicorn products to take to the beach this summer. Unicorns became all the rage some time ago, and the trend isn't letting up. The colors. The sparkle. The glitter. Is it any wonder we're all obsessed with this mythical creature which I continue to argue is real and we just haven't seen it yet?

It was perhaps the unicorn pool float which first truly ignited our passion for all things unicorn. And then, there was no stopping it. We eventually started drinking unicorn Dr. Pepper and Starbucks unicorn Frappuccinos. We (kind of) mastered unicorn eyeliner. We booked tickets to go visit the unicorn inflatable island in the Philippines. And we even began wearing unicorn snot lip gloss. Yes. We started putting snot on our lips.

So yes, it's safe to say the obsession is real. Really real.

But! It hasn't ended there. The trendiest trend of the year(s) continues. For all you beach-goers, these 14 unicorn-themed items are just for you.


Majestic AF Unicorn Can Cooler


How did you think you'd keep your LaCroix cold? This unicorn koozie from Etsy's WillowandFoxCo is almost as special as you are. The colors!


Unicorn Personalized Beach Towel Gift


Stay dry and keep the sand out of your bum with this too-cool-for-school unicorn beach towel. Since it'll have your name on it, none of your friends can steal it. Note the sunnies on the unicorn. Get it from Crafting4Caleb on Etsy.

3Pool Float

Monogrammed Pool Float


You're going to look so rad floating around the pool in this bad boy, designed by Etsy seller LaurenLaneMonogram. Now all you need is a can of LaCroix in your unicorn koozie, and you're all set.


Unicorn Vibes Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler


This stainless steel tumbler from GeorgiaGraceBoutique on Etsy will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and it even comes with a straw. I'm not saying this would be perfect for wine, but... yes I am.

5Beach Bag

Unicorn Bag


You need a place to store all your unicorn goods as you head to the pool or beach. How about this unicorn bag from KozariDesign on Etsy, crafted of colors that are so perfectly summer?

6Hooded Towel

Hooded Towel


Dry off *and* keep your noggin covered. It's a towel and a hoodie all rolled into one, which a magical unicorn twist. Epic! SweetPeaStitches84 is selling it over at Etsy.

7Inflatable Beach Balls

Inflatable Unicorn Beach Ball


These inflatable pool toys measure about 12 inches each and come 12 to a pack. You're going to have so much fun blowing these up and then throwing them at your friends' heads.

8Floating Drink Holders

GoFloats Inflatable Unicorn Drink Holder


Let's talk about the very serious issue of how difficult it is to bring your drink into the water without spilling it. Fret no more, because these unicorn drink floats are here to save the day. This is modern technology at its finest, people.

9Snack Box

Crocodile Creek Girls Eco Reusable Unicorn Snack Keeper


Who doesn't love snacks? We all love snacks! This cutesy unicorn snack box is perfect for your crackers or fruit or nuts or whatever the heck else you want to nibble on at the beach this summer.


U LIFE Vintage Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Auto Open Close Umbrellas


Looking to protect your delicate skin from the harsh rays? This Lisa Frank-ish umbrella is the answer you've been searching for. The colorful, magical print is almost too much for my fragile heart. It's just... so... beautiful.

11Lip Gloss

Joyin Toy 3 Pack Cute Unicorn Shape Girls Lip Gloss


You know how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Ditch the traditional (read: boring) stick of lip balm for this unicorn lip gloss, which is cute in about 45 different ways.


Gnirue (Winner) Unicorn Printing Women Backpacks


If you prefer backpacks to beach bags, this one's a winner. The vibrant blue-ish background really makes the unicorns pop, don't you agree?

13Swim Cap And Goggles

2PCS Kids Unicorn Swim Goggles with 2PCS Unicorn Breathe Swim Cap-Sun Protection Hat and 2PCS unicorn bags


Swimming underwater can be oodles of fun, but it really does a number on your hair and eyes. Stay safe and cover 'em up with this swim cap and matching goggles that come complete with a unicorn storage bag.

14Bottle Opener

Rainbow Unicorn Bottle Opener


If you're staying hydrated with drinks in glass bottles, you're going to need a bottle opener, and there's none cuter than this one. Cheers!