Fans Want Answers To These 15 ‘GoT’ Questions So They Can AT Least Know More Than Jon Snow

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Game Of Thrones officially got an ending, but it left fans with more questions than answers. Of course that won't stop anyone from asking those Game Of Thrones finale questions that were left unanswered in hopes of getting an answer. This is despite knowing they probably won't get one since the GoT writers are getting drunk and taking a little break from the internet after the finale. And who would really blame them since Twitter has strong feelings about this season. Spoilers for Game Of Thrones Season 8.

Looking at fan reactions to the series finale, "The Iron Throne," it's not a leap to say that there's a general feeling that Game Of Thrones' final season could have done a better job of tying up loose ends. Seriously, just ask those who signed the petition for Game Of Thrones Season 8 to be rewritten.

Of course, some questions were never meant to be answered, like where is Arya going next, and wha's Jon Snow doing beyond the wall? But other lingering questions, like the motivations of the Night King, and Euron's fate? Oh not to mention, who's organizing those Small Council meetings? These are just a few of the 15 questions that will haunt us until winter comes again.


Is Arya Getting Her Own Sequel?

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Game Of Thrones ended with Arya setting sail for whatever lies west beyond Westeros' borders. No one knows what's out there, but it's clear Arya's looking for adventure. And who wouldn't want to see what shenanigans Arya gets into and what faces she steals? It feels perfect for a GoT sequel.


Who Was Braiding Dany's Hair?

The assumption was that Missandei was the one who was doing all that hair art, but after her untimely death, how was Daenerys getting the back of her hair to look that good? While we'll never know Dany's hair secret, Vulture's Hunter Harris might have the best answer to this unanswerable question: Drogon, it's definitely Drogon.


Did Euron Actually Die?

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Sure, we see him bragging about killing Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer, which, hate to break it to him, he doesn't. That honor goes to Daenerys, Drogon, and the Red Keep rocks. But we don't see Euron officially die, which means he might just be living his best pirate life waiting to attack.


Where Is Drogon Now?


Arya is going west beyond the map's borders, but where did Drogon go with Dany's body? Samwell mentions that he was seen heading east and Bran suggests that he might be able to warg and find him. There were theories that there might be other dragons in Westeros, could she be planning to start her own dragon army to avenge the Mother of Dragons?


Why Does The Night’s Watch Even Exist?

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If beyond the wall is now safe from white walkers then does the realm even need a Night's Watch? Is the Night's Watch more like a prison sentence? Or, as Deadline pointed out, does Bran the Broken know something we don't about the future of the six kingdoms? So many questions.


Is Jon Snow A Wildling Now?

The final shot of Game Of Thrones is Jon Snow heading North with the Wildlings. Now, he could just be offering them safe passage or he could be leaving the Night Watch to go full Wildling. Or, is Jon Snow finally getting his wish of becoming a ranger, a prestigious position within the Watch that patrols beyond the Wall. Is this a happy ending after all?


Does The 'Song Of Ice & Fire' Include Jon Snow?

We know that Archmaester Ebrose's history of the wars following the death of King Robert doesn't include any mention of Tyrion. But, does it make mention of Jon Snow? Specifically, does it reveal that he isn't the bastard of Ned Stark but the last living Targaryen?


Is Bran Really The Best Choice For King?

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Sure, sure he's a great storyteller who knows about the past, present, and (maybe) future, but is it really a good idea to choose a leader who really doesn't want to lead to startup this proto-democracy? Did we learn nothing from Jon Snow? Also, knowing all those Bran is evil theories, should we really trust he won't misuse his Three-Eyed Raven power?


Is Tyrion The Real Ruler Of Westeros?

If Bran isn't all that interested in leading — heck, he doesn't even stick around for committee meetings — is he really just a figurehead while Tyrion is the real ruler?


So, What Was The Night King's Deal?

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Sure, he's dead now thanks to Arya's knife skills, but does anyone really know why the Night King was terrorizing the Seven Kingdoms? Bran suggested that his end goal was to wipe out any trace of mankind, but there's got to be more than that, right?


Is Winter Finally Over?

When the Night King and his white walkers arrived in town everyone knew winter had finally come, but now that they're gone, is winter gone, too? It still looks pretty snowy in the North, no?


How Did Drogon Know What The Iron Throne Meant?

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Apparently, Drogon understands symbolism because he melted that Iron Throne down right after Daenerys died. It's like he understood that if Dany couldn't have it, no one should, but why? Did Dany tell him specifically? Was he that mentally connected to Khaleesi that he just knew? And if that's so, why didn't he kill Dany's nephew/lover Jon for betraying her?


Who Organized That Dragonpit Small Council Meeting?

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Everyone seemed to know to show up and what seats to take, but who sent out the invites? It seems like Tyrion is in control, but how would he have possibly been able to send word from prison? Did Greyworm set this up?


Who Is The Green-Eyed Person Arya's Supposed To Kill?

Melisandre's prophecy said that Arya would take down someone with brown eyes (Walder Frey), blue eyes (the Night King) and green eyes. It was assumed that this green-eyed person was Cersei or Dany, but Arya killed neither. Is there someone in the west she has to take down? Or, were these prophecies just red herrings?


Will We Ever Hear The Punchline Of Tyrion's Joke?

For a few seasons now, Tyrion has tried to tell his jackass and honeycomb brothel joke, but he never got to deliver the punchline. Is this the biggest secret of Game Of Thrones?

While the Game of Thrones finale tied up some loose ends, it still has yet to explain all its secrets, prophecies, and unfinished jokes. Maybe fans will never know the answers to these questions, or maybe they will be answered eventually. Here's hoping fans won't have to wait too long to find out.